Monday, March 9, 2009

"Send in the Robots"

The Rockman series is known for its depiction of "robotic driven societies," eras in which real, working, autonomous machines have replaced the need for humans in a number of occupations. Inafune (and countless other "dreamers") believed a robot driven society would be common place by the late 00's, but as you and I both know, such a world has yet to be realized. However, that might change in the very near future:

Back in January, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation aired a report on Japan's attempt to implement robots in the workforce in hopes of overcome problems created by age and the diminishing birth rate. If successful, the country would see a revitalization in a number of markets, subsequently enriching the economy back to health.

If you have the time, please do check out the documentary below -- it's simply fascinating:


  1. "If successful, the country would see a revitalization in a number of markets, subsequently enriching the economy back to health."

    Untrue.. It is getting worse anyway accord to the bible.

  2. And this is why I love the CBC. And our conservative government wants to remove their funding... bastards.

  3. "overcome problems created by age and the diminishing birth rate."

    No, it will not overcome problems at all. Look at the robots.. It is getting worse, anyway. Also, not a good idea.. They could turn into virus and attack us as a killer machine. Bad idea.

  4. So if a self-improving AI develops in the future, us humans are going to basically be replaced in every sector. Send in the Maverick Wars, gentlemen!

    WTB Biometal, just in case.

  5. "overcome problems created by age and the diminishing birth rate."

    Robots also age too, and maybe even more fast than humans without the correct manutention, and like anonymous said they have also theyre kind of diseases.

    As much i love robots, i think this is a very lame excuse for the japanese's xenofobia for outsiders.

    But the seal one is very cute for the seniors i say.

  6. Wait, why would...wait a second, do I really need to ask why? It's Japan. OF COURSE they'd do this....

  7. Are you kidding me? Robot workers like these wouldn't help the economy, they would DESTROY it. If robots can do everything humans do and do it better, then society will have no need for humans. You think unemployment is bad now? Just wait.

  8. You're right Proto. MM1 took place circa December 2008, and we're not quite there yet.

    Still, I suppose it depends what markets robotic workers invade. It could prove to be vastly more efficient, and those working in such industries might simply need to hone their skills in other professions. Still, maybe it could go the route of the earlier years of the MM series, where the robots simply did the more dangerous tasks (such as working in high temperatures or doing the demolition work)?

  9. everyone relax. Years ago (as in before "A long time ago" :hint:), people thought that Robots would be the way of the future. It is now 200X, and it is apparent it isn't. The Net and everything related has taken the spot. It seems to me that to keep saying it would be as beating a dead horse. Still, I find robotics to still have the interests and potential that was originally envisioned in the 1950s. So what if we didn't get it by 20XX? As far as I'm concerned, its "better late than never."


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