Saturday, March 7, 2009

*Shudder* Unlocking Roll Caskett Outfit In Dead Rising: CTYD

So, how does one go about disguising Frank West as Roll Caskett? GameFaqs finally has the answer: "Beat it [the game] on Hard with S Ranking"

Beating such a feat is no walk in the park: An S-rank requires you to complete the game in a fast manner, roughly under five hours. In addition, you're required to rack up a certain amount of "zombie points," 12,000 or so.

You can see a few pictures of the Roll outfit in action here .

News Credit: Mirage86


  1. ARGH!!! IT BURNS!!!

  2. This is.......I don't know what to one way, it's unique, in another it's scary.

  3. All that trouble just to unlock a Roll costume. For a freaking S-Rank I'd rather have someone like Vile.

  4. What ya expected, it's a horror game!

  5. What ya expected, it IS a horror game!


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