Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How-To Unlock Mega Man Costume in Dead Rising CTYD

I've gotten quite a few e-mails regarding the steps necessary to obtaining the Mega Man and Roll costumes in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop. Although I've yet to play the game, the answers to your questions can easily be found on GameFaqs...at least, the answer to obtaining the complete MM costume, no word on Roll yet:

""You must have beaten the game and unlocked the "2nd Ammendment" mini-game. (To complete the suit, you can find the Megaman Helmet in the toy store of the movie theater once it opens)

Megaman BootsBeat all "2nd Amendment" mini-games
Megaman TightsBeat all "2nd Amendment" mini-games with an "A" rank
Real Mega BusterBeat all "2nd Amendment" mini-games a "S" rank"

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