Thursday, March 5, 2009

Looking For the EXE 4 GBA Bundle?

Of all the games in the Rockman EXE series, EXE 4 was milked the most; re-released in all sorts bundles and pack-ins. The most famous (and by far, the most expensive) is the limited edition Game Boy Advance SP bundle. Two variations of the bundle were released: one for Red Sun, one for Blue Moon; both containing a crystal blue GBA SP and a sheet of decals.

Finding one of the bundles below $250.00 USD can be a pain, but thankfully, there's Yahoo! Auctons: Currently, we have ourselves a complete Blue Moon bundle for 6,750 Yen (around $68 something) up for bidding. It's definitely the cheapest I've seen it, but take into consideration, the price will go up with added shipping/proxy pay -- though I believe Rinkya has a discount deal for items over $50.

Regardless, definitely something collectors should check out. If Y! Auctions is too inconvenient, Toys n' Joys sells both RS/BM bundles for a pretty penny...


  1. Ah, poo! All this cool EXE stuff and no money. :(

  2. Please PLEASE don't suggest anyone buy ANYTHING from Toys n' Joys. they rip off damn near all their customers. search any toy collector community and you will find hundreds of people who ordered from them and only ended up losing their money and being ignored whenever they try to contact them.

  3. I had one but sold it. I bought it from Toys n' Joys and never had a problem with them which @Anon2 mentioned.

    I contacted them and always got answer. I am sorry for your bad experience.

  4. Yeah, I never had any problem with toys n joys either except their high prices. Yeah, I had one of these too, honestly I didn't think it was that cool, it's just two toned blue, there's nothing printed on the SP or etched in or anything. But they give you some stickers lol

  5. for the people defending Toys n Joys:

    you got lucky. it's rare to have anything even remotely resembling a good experience with the store.

    it's like playing russian roulette with 5 bullets in the revolver.


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