Monday, March 2, 2009

RUMOR: Viz Media To Stream NT Warrior, Star Force Online

Rumor has it that at Viz Media's Wondercon panel, the company confirmed plans to stream full length episodes of Mega Man NT Warrior and Mega Man Star Force online in the near future:

"Just got back from Wondercon, my last stop was at Viz's booth were they talked adding an assortment of licensed anime to Cartoon Network video such as Naruto, MAR, and suprise...Megaman Nt Warrior/ Star force! An official annoucnement is suppose to be coming soon, they didnt specify a date when the video service would launch." -- 102b

Sounds likely, we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Thanks for the tip 102b.


  1. Wondered why they weren't showing NT Warrior anymore... Seemed like something obvious to stream online.

    Lol, at first I misread the title and thought Viz was licensing the Stream anime. XD Got me excited there for a moment. :P

  2. If anything made my day today it is this post.

  3. Sweet. As much as I watched the subbed episodes of the show, sometimes it's a nice change to watch the dubbed episodes just to see the difference. And I usually don't mind dub voices. (I actually liked the dubbed voices of Star Force, and the NT Warrior dubbed voices weren't half bad either).

  4. How many episodes of Star Force were actually dubbed? Not too many. And of course, even in the original Japanese series they never made it to SSR3. Battle Network suffered a similar fate, although it lasted a bit longer on both accounts. I don't think they were really meant for television--the only successful TV show based off a video game is Pokémon, and even then the quality of the show is questionable (although the show has managed to last over ten years).

    Still, if these stream in Canada, it would certainly be interesting. :)

  5. Oh, the EXE show was VERY successful.

    Subs beat the dub's butt, but occasionally it's nice to take a break from trying to learn Japanese and step back to see how cheesy it is when heard in one's own language. ;)

  6. Yeah, right. I've heard that one before.
    Don't hold your breath, guys.


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