Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mega Man DVD Collection Vol. 2 Ships

Just got my confirmation from Yes-Asia: volume 2 of the Ruby Spears MM cartoon has shipped. Strangely, Amazon and several other DVD outlets lists the set as "out of stock/not yet available." Running behind schedule?


  1. Congratulation but why buy this collection ? The storyline was wrong and confused. I highly recommend not to buy it but its your decision. :)

  2. What exactly is going on in that picture?

  3. @Hypercoyote

    It's from the first episode. Wily kidnapped Rock and Roll after taking control of Light's robots and has Rock strapped to a table and about to cut him open to do one of his evil deeds.

  4. From what I see on the picture, I think he's going to say, "Ahh! Not that sonic screwdriver!!! HELP!"



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