Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Exclusive Ariga Artwork in "GameSide"

Looks like this little tidbit slipped underneath my radar:

Japanese magazine GameSide commemorated the release of Rockman 9 with stunning artwork of the Rockman 9 cast, illustrated by none other than Megamix author Hitoshi Ariga. The piece, spanning across a two paged pin-up, is limited to 2,000 copies of the issue.

In addition, Ariga san sat down with the editors of the magazine to reveal an unpublished Megamix manuscript. No details regarding its contents, I'll be keeping an eye out on such a rarity.

Oh, free internet cookie to anyone who can make that image into a banner. (*cough* 1085 x 142 *cough*)


  1. If I had a larger version of the picture, I could throw a banner together.

  2. That's as big as I can find it unfortunatly

  3. Here's one I threw together using MS Paint. It's bigger than you asked (vertically), but meh.

    It IS a little dark, and a little busy.

  4. Oh man, that rocks. You win the cookie!

  5. Really must have slipped that radar of yours considering it's over 5 months old now. ;p

    But to be fair, the week I posted it was when RPM crashed and any comments we had about it on the old forum have since faded away. :(

    Seeing how it was before Ariga's diary entry about his publisher not allowing him to talk about the new Megamix, I wonder if there really was anything of substance even in the article.

    Still, it's an awesome piece of Ariga work that I also wish had a larger digital copy.


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