Saturday, March 14, 2009

Coro Coro Offers Downloadable Noise Gear Card

Coro Coro Comics' official website has begun a brand new Shooting Star Rockman 3 promotion in which site visitors can download and print out Noise Gear Cards. New cards will become avaliable once a month.

Speaking of Coro Coro news, various Japanese sources have yet to report anything about the April issue, so we're kind of in limbo. I'm expecting some sort of annoncement regarding the following issue however, the one that will supposedly reveal the boss contest winner.


  1. I wonder if these will be compatible with the US release if they keep the Noise Gear Card like they did with the Wave Command Cards.

    I'll save them just in case. Doesn't hurt just in case.

  2. Well, looks like my cousin is going to try them out.

    I was wondering what was up with the CoroCoro news, seeing as Serebii managed to get all of the Pokemon info from the newest issue about three to four days ago.

    Ah well, the wait for potentially exciting info can't kill us now, will it?


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