Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Astro Boy Trailer Brings Thrills *Update*

Not quite Rockman related but still newsworthy: Imagi Entertainment released a brand new trailer for their upcoming CGI adaptation of Astro Boy today. The trailer shows a whole lot of action which in the eyes of the common Rockman fan, look all too familiar:

UPDATE: YouTube has removed the video due to copyright claims. Below are a few alternatives, same video just from different users in the event of one being removed.

Very excited about seeing this, rather long wait ahead though; October 23rd, 2009.


  1. It's no longer available due to a copyright claim...

    That's what the video says :x

  2. Vids down. Due to a copyright thing, apparently.

  3. Heh, nice. I'm not really a "fan" of Astro Boy, but I totally respect what he is. This trailer, however, certainly makes me question why I don't look him - I mean, this is pretty damn awesome.

    I admit though, I had a really hard time not-superimposing Rock in my mind over Astro. Totally plan on seeing it though when it comes out. :)


  4. Well, it hurts my Rockman heart to know this got the CGI adaptation instead... which means there will never be a Rockman adaptation.

    It looks kind of interesting, but think about how much cooler it could be if it were Rockman. I mean, it would be so much more awesome! And Rockman is wider known, I think... (Which could incidentally be why Astro Boy got the movie. It will seem more original since it's less known) Even the same voice actors and art style would be ok, just curb that awful hair and stick a blue suit of armor on him, add one evil Dr. Wily, and boom... instant win.

  5. This makes Astro Boy look acceptable. Nice character model and voice actor. Would be great for Rockman, as Anon2 said. I think giving him a shirt knocked off a lot of the cheesy factor...


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