Friday, March 6, 2009

Shooting Star Rockman 3 Battle Box Announced

Looks like yet another Shooting Star Rockman book is coming: I give you the "Battle Box."

The book contains loads of information absent from previous SSR3 guides such as complete Noise Gear listings, secret boss strategies, and folder building tips. It's A5 size with 96 pages and costs 840 Yen (around $8.00) with an expected release date of April 2nd, 2009.

Nice cover art by the by.


  1. Whoa since when does Subaru look that mature in SSR artwork? I mean seriously, he actually looks good for once instead of looking all kiddish.

    I guess you could say he looks epic. XD

  2. The picture is epic. Occasionally we get a glimpse of how cool RnR could have been... :(

    Even if the games and all the art had lived up to the cool ones, there were just too many problems. I hope they make the 4th one and make it kick buttocks.

  3. Yup, they're trying to revive it with maturity, much like a Rockman Zero looking. Very good... but too late I guess.

  4. Nice looking cover,but why did they make so many guide books instead of one book with everything? Hey Protodude do you know what each guide book does, if you do please tell me because I'm confused.

  5. It's a shame they don't release these to the US as well. It would've looked sexy next to a copy of SF3.

  6. His hair looks wackily out of proportion. O_o

  7. Heh, nice art.

    I think Subaru's hair looks fine. It does not seem that out of place in this picture to me, at least.

    Wackily out of proportion would be Lan in the Megaman Battle Network 6 Falzar boxart. I wonder "WTF?" every time I randomly pull that box out of my drawer.


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