Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wondercon '09: Capcom Booth Tour

Capcom was a major player at this year's Wondercon, a convention celebrating comic books, games, and movies. Of course, what would a Capcom booth be without Mega Man's presence?

Mega Man goods were on sale at the "store section" with several items up for purchase such as soundtracks, art books, plushies, etc.

Those willing to dish out $50 could even buy the Mega Man 9 press kit, a much more more reasonable price than those up on ebay...

View more pictures of Capcom's booth here.

News Credit: Destructoid


  1. Why great cons are only in America :( ?

  2. I thought there were limited amounts of the press kit.

  3. What's that spaceship-looking thing with the sheep on the right??

    Also: I want those coffee mugs. =(

  4. wow, so much for the collectiblity of the press kit if they're just gonna make more of them. I should've sold mine when it was $1500

  5. btw, the space-ship thing is from "Flock"

  6. Woo Hoo! I was the one who bought those Megaman pin's in that very case.


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