Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Acid Illegal" Up For Grabs

According to a small blurb at the official Shooting Star Rockman 3 website, Nintendo Wii users will soon be able to download the "Acid Illegal" Battle Card via "Everybody's Nintendo Channel." The promotion starts today and ends April 7th, 2009. Acid Illegal was formally a Wavemasters 2009 exclusive card, available to participants.

Hope to see to see this kind of promotion over here when MMSF3 releases; great compensation for a lack of official tournaments/events.


  1. Ah well, the card isn't that great anyway, it often uses the wrong elemental attacks on opponents when I use it. Maybe it just hates me. T^T

  2. Yea it does hate you. Works every time for me.

  3. That pretty cool that they can actually do that using a Wii.

    Anyway I will admit its a good card, but like Roy L said it uses the wrong element occassionaly. It makes me wonder if there is a button combination for him like his normal mega and giga have.

    It is good in PVP though because most of my brothers are all the same element so I can revert them no matter what XD

  4. That's a neat application of Wii/DS connectivity. I wish we had more of it. Nobody's really gone to the full potential with it.

  5. Actually, it's on RIGHT NOW. April 7th is the cutoff date. Notably, this'll pave the way for the Crimson Dragon Giga-class card.


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