Monday, March 9, 2009

Overpriced Much?

In 2003, Capcom released a special Rockman collection aptly named, "Rockman Collection" to coincide X7's domestic release. The pizza box sized set included Rockman Complete Works 1~6 for the original PlayStation, a copy of Rockman X7, and seven collectible badges. Convenient, no? Well it got better: the set was priced at the equivalent of $99.95. Not too bad.

Most of the time, a used set appears on ebay for a $100, while a sealed version often runs for $150; two very reasonable price points. This guy however, is trying to sell the collection for a mind blowing $529.99 (plus $6 shipping). That's incredibly overpriced, especially considering the fact its used (with noticeably wear).

If you're desperate for the set, try and wait it out for a cheaper deal, stear clear of this one. Still, I can't help but feel a little bad for the seller, the recession must be hitting him pretty hard.


  1. I've run into guys like him for years. They try to sell things at ridiculous prices no matter how much they are really worth. Sadly, many game sellers work this way and have for a long time.
    A recession has nothing to do with his price point. ;)

    Anyway, I'd love one of these. Especially if I got one from an honest seller that knows of the set's TRUE value, that is.

  2. Even on Yahoo Auctions I've seen them listed for $200+ I guess they're trying to push the price point up. Honestly though, what is the difference between this and the complete works set?

  3. I've always found this to be an odd little collection...It's ROCKMAN X7 packaged with ROCKMAN COMPLETE WORKS 1-6 (rather than with ROCKMAN X1-X6). Also, they didn't bother to make them PS2 versions of the games did they (and I realize that PS1 versions will run fine on the PS2 for the most part)?

    Anyway, this is WAY overpriced, especially for a used copy, not to mention the fact that the only truly unique part of it is its box and perhaps any enclosed manual(s).


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