Friday, December 19, 2008

The Dangers of the "Mega Buster Battle Weapon"

I never grow tired of this story.

Four years ago today, the organization know as "World Against Toys Harming Children, Inc.," published a list of the most dangerous toys of 2004. Among them was the MegaMan NT Warrior "Mega Buster Battle Weapon" which could potentially impale children with its foot long plastic blade. Quote:

"W.A.T.C.H. OUT! Children are encouraged to “[e]xperience the futuristic world of cyber adventure!” with the MegaBuster cannon and cyber sword. The rigid, plastic blade extends approximately 9 ¼ inches from a plastic sleeve, designed to slide onto a child’s arm for “combat”."

Yup, kind of sad to see a MegaMan toy associated with pain. Thankfully, no injuries were ever reported.


  1. I own several of those nerf guns. They were actually on sale at a J.C. Penny outlet last year 'round summer time. They went for sale about $6.00 each. originally they were 20 I believe.

    1. I know this is 6 some odd years later you still have any of those...? and would be willing to part with one...?

  2. And honestly, only a really stupid/cruel kid would deliberately try to impale someone with that.

  3. Well, it was to be expected :x.
    Though, you also got those sword and shield toys ...

  4. XD Hilarious. What's to keep a kid from getting some other object to impale someone with? Eh? :P

  5. I need one of these toys, can anyone help me find one to purchase. believe it or not I used one of these in my biomechanics lab the other day. My best friends son is a megaman fanatic, and he needs one of these, any help would be appreciated

  6. No problem, I'll look around for you :)

  7. Damn. I really need one of these for a costume prop/ megaman memorabilia. If you find one, could you let me know?


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