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Released on September 30th, 2005, REMASTERED TRACKS ROCKMAN ZERO Physis is the final remixed soundtrack Inti Creates published that focused solely on one game. Case in point, Rockman Zero 4.

This soundtrack was initially released with a calendar and a booklet called "Vile's Incident: Eden dome, its sin and rebirth", a small booklet with a recap of the events from Mega Man Zero 3 and 4 and a small epilogue set two years after the conclusion of the series. This booklet has been translated already and is available here. However, we will focus on the previously untranslated soundtrack booklet. It contains liner notes, musicians profiles and a small paragraph explaining the meaning of the titular word "Physis".

You can find the full translation (courtesy of Sidier) after the break! 

Track Notes:

Physis. We choose that word from the humans and Repliroids who, having lost Neo Arcadia, blend with the land. Hence Physis (Nature). Also, according to Aristotle, Physis is the opposite of the artificial morals (=Nomos (law/custom) made by humans, and all entities have their own personal “Physis” and apparently not being bound by Nomos and acting on what the Physis tells you to do is good. Heidegger posteriorly theorized that “Physis” is a fundamental word that the Greeks used when trying to think about “existing” at a fundamental depth. In short, “Physis” is a manifestation, it designates “existence” itself. Many characters in the world of Zero live on by believing in themselves. Ascertain the “Physis” they believe in by yourself, if you may. 

Disc 1

Track 1) Title IV

The intro portion is used when the opening demo appears. The image is that of Zero appearing on the scene. But that wasn’t enough so I posteriorly added some hits…

Track 2) Ragnarok Record - Prologue - Gjallahorn

I recreated the opening scene after Neige’s narration and added some more content. I wanted to do this situation since it’s a flat-out run track.

Track 3) Caravan - Hope for Freedom

It’s the very first “image track” that I set up. A caravan advancing through the wilds. And Zero, the hero, appears! My intention was to create a Zero track with some “western” on it. In Zero 4, Ciel & the others have left the Resistance Base and are moving from place to place in a huge trailer to help people and Repliroids that have fled from Vile’s oppression.

Track 4) Nothing Beats

I think that this is the coolest battle track in the Zero Series. The guitar’s melody makes you cry! The first boss is the sub-desert (not submarine!) core. Let’s pull off the cords with the (Zero) Knuckle at once! But the point is to leave a few intact.

Track 5) Holy Land

The track of the Resistance Trailer and the Settlement. It’s a “ballad arrangement” of the Area Zero theme that appears later in the game. The trailers have become their base of activities after leaving the Resistance Base. The beds and lockers are the same as in the base. Also, the 1st trailer is Cerveau’s lab, the 2nd trailer is the Command Room, the 3rd trailer is the living space of Ciel, Alouette and Rouge, and the 4th trailer is the living space of Zero, Cerveau, Hirondelle and Faucon.

Track 6) Elves Dance

The track of Elf breeding and Item Recipes. It feels like Pop Minimal Music. I guess that everyone who has this album on this hands will notice that it was first used in Telos, in “Alouette’s Good Day”. (Hopes so)

Track 7) Esperanto

The theme of Area Zero. Apart from the game, it’s made to appear by all possible means, it’s used in the official site too, and  can be named the main theme of the game. According to Yabe (scenario and backgrounds), “We’ve poured into Area Zero, the stage of the game, that both humans and nature have a strength that allows them to rise over any hardships”. This stage boss is “Carnage Force 0”. We have a little fun shortening it to “CF-0” (laughs)

Track 8) Fragile Border

The track used in restless demo scenes. Even though the threat of Omega is gone, Vile, who has control over Neo Arcadia, continues his oppression. It’s a dark age, and the Ragnarok Operation by the Einherjar 8 Warriors is beginning. The jaws named destructions crush it all and swallow it all… The twilight of humans and Repliroids is… close.

Track 9) On the Edge

It’s used in the scenes of the Einherjar 8 Warriors lineup as well as the Ragnarok firing. The scenes of all of them gathering together was an attempt to see if we could make bosses of different sizes fit together in one scene, if the GBA specs allowed for it. It’d seem that this was born from this idea but the people in charge of the characters and background struggled a lot to make it happen. But it was impactful, wasn’t it?

Track 10) Kraft

The theme of Kraft, a veteran who’s made it through many disorders ever since the foundation of Neo Arcadia. Since Neo Arcadia is actually crumbling by Vile’s actions, humans and Repliroids choose the only way to survive and that is abiding to Vile. All the story insofar had been about X, Omega and Zero, special characters, but Zero 4 is drawn from the point of view of people who aren’t heroes, Neige “a mere human” and Kraft “a mere Repliroid”.

Track 11) Max Heat

Scorching Particle Cannon

The track of the giant particle cannon, which uses a heat generation plant that gets its energy from solar light, and Genblem’s own generator’s power. It’s also been used in promotions so you might already be familiar with it. Suzuki’s “go-go-beat” is used at full power here! The diagonal terrain at the beginning of the stage is the solar system and if the weather is sunny they will send energy as they shine. Genblem is an honest soldier who’d been working with Kraft before. He joined Operation Ragnarok while understanding Kraft’s feelings.

Track 12) Deep Blue

Giant submarine

The stage of the crust destroy ship with a giant drill which is diving deep into the ocean’s abyss. It will eventually self-destroy within the crust and seeks to create a huge earthquake and calamity. It’s an aggressive track, yet it makes you feel the abyss of the sea depths, although I remember that it was hard to make it… Kraken is a survivor of the Cutting Shadow Army but now that all of the 4 Heavenly Kings are gone, their armies and their ranks are gone too. He joined the Einherjar hoping to avenge Phantom, whom Zero defeated.

Track 13) Celestial Gardens

A mobile fortress moving across the skies while spitting thunder clouds that spread thunder and acid rain, it’s the celestial gardens stage. The intro guitar and the rimshot are emblematic parts of the song. This slightly oriental melody matches the image of the oriental shrine design, Pegasolta’s (taste?). Pegasolta was a weather control huge mid-air unit’s controller. He’d always wanted to be transferred to a battle unit and it looks like Vile helped that wish come true. When the Ragnarok Operation began, seeing how Kraft was subtly being inconsistent, he was thinking of replacing him as the commander.

Track 14) Queen of the Hurt

A heavy and death metal track. It originally was a multi-floor base for a rebel group apart from the Resistance but the colony of nanomachines that devour machines, released by Mandrago, took root across the whole of the base as if they were vegetables’ roots. Mandrago was originally used solar-powered nanomachines to preserve and regenerate the environment, but Vile’s alterations made her conclude that “nature must be put under total control to regenerate it, and if needed, momentarily destroy it” thus becoming one of his underlings. The Zero Knuckle can be usefully used in both the stage and the boss. 

Track 15) Showdown

The track of the human settlement stage. An arrangement of the Area Zero theme. The settlement is set on the outer perimeter of the Area Zero crater, on the shores of the lake that formed there. Trailers and tents are placed there and they quietly live along with nature in detail. The advancing Vile Army appears there as well as Kraft, who’s searching for Neige. The quiet settlement is dragged into the spiral of strife.

Track 16) Cage of Tyrant

The track of the prison infiltration. A facility built as a frontline base from where to command “Operation Ragnarok”. Hel the Giant, the boss, was sentenced as an Irregular by Neo Arcadia and imprisoned, but it was brought there by Vile and turned into a watchman. Vile told that he'd set him free if he beat Zero, the intruder. But even if he achieved that, would’ve Vile set him free…?

Track 17) Ragnarok Record - At Prison - Valhol

Kraft and Neige knew each other from before, and she’d interviewed him before. He was impressed that a powerless human, and, what’s more, a girl was working to try to change the world. He has a longing for her that goes beyond respect, yet he feels ashamed at himself for serving Vile. Neige screams “If I… have to live as I was dead, under someone’s rule… I’d rather live out my fullest and choose to die as I laugh!”

Track 18) Exodus

The Caravan trailers making their way through the wilds while heading for Area Zero. And the         troops of Vile chasing them. The track of the tense opening demo. It’s also being used for the prison escape, too. It was made early in development, matching the image of the opening demo, along with the caravan track.

Track 19) Blaze Down

The miniature artificial sun which is being experimentally operated stage. By greatly increasing the output, it’s being repurposed into an environment destruction weapon that desertifies the surroundings. I did think of making the track have a “sizzling” image to it. Titanian was the manager Repliroid of the facility,  but since her partner and same type (Repliroid), Oberon (rational circuit prioritized, in charge of calibrating the heat), was accidentally destroyed during the takeover of the facility by the Vile Army, she, the survivor, went berserk and turned the takeover troops into charcoal. Rather than “joining” the Einherjar, she’s just following Vile because it matches her own destructive impulses. She’s the younger (in mental age terms) and very selfish. She doesn’t get along with Mandaroga. The original motif was the butterfly-shaped Fairy King “Oberon” but the design was changed to be a girl and so she became the Fairy Queen “Titanian”. 

Track 20) Sleeping Beast

A Cyber Elf research facility shut down after the end of the Elf Wars. Defectives and failed models of Repliroids strengthened by Elves are sealed here using cold sleep devices, and it looks just like a haunted house. It supports the “suspicious SE-like rhythm” image. Melt the snow, the card key, the light bulbs, the steel pipes… It’s full of gimmicks. Fenrir was a military Repliroid of the Elf Wars, who’s been revived by Vile.

Track 21) Magnetic Rumble

Voltex super magnetic field Area

The huge electrical current that Magnaxe has changed into a magnetic field and generates abnormal gravity on the surroundings, sucking up the rubble of the previous civilizations buried in the ground while tearing up the lands. I tried arranging the track to give an electric image. “Magnetic and gravitational abnormalities make the body turn lighter or heavier”: this idea was led to the making of this stage. But it’d seem it was very hard to express that (in-game). Magnaxe was a Repliroid that worked as part of a mass driver facility that served to transport huge amounts of mass. He joined the Operation Ragnarok out of a very simple reason: if he obeyed Vile he’d get plenty of energy.
Track 22) Blackheart Beat

Totally Controlled City and the tower at its center, “Dominion”

The stage is a city from a previous civilization that’s been discovered, and which is practically intact. It was becoming the hideout for some folk who hid in the surface, but Vile took over the city. The rebels were either petrified by Cocapetri, and a virus program made the city itself gain a “will” of its own to then attack humans and Repliroids. It’s a very bull’s-eye track in my opinion. Cocapetri is a Repliroid specialized in electronic warfare, such as jamming or cracking. Once Hacker Cyber Elves were implemented, he hated that was being phased out so he volunteered to join the Einherjar. Has an image of an old guy made fun of by lovebirds.

Track 23) Crash IV

The mid-boss theme is an arrangement of the classical track. But I wanted to change the image of the tracks given the (game) concept, so I tried not to overuse previous tracks, yet… “If it’s only 1 track”... And I used it

Disc 2

Track 1) Straight Ahead

The control area stage of the satellite cannon “Ragnarok”, built in outer space. The real Operation Ragnarok is carried out through the satellite cannon in satellite orbit and its indiscriminate attacks to the surface. But Kraft, who’s betrayed Vile, aims that flaming sword to where Vile is at: Neo Arcadia. Zero heads to space again so as to stop him.

Track 2) Ragnarok Record - At control room - Laevatein

Ragnarok has finally been fired… The discrepancy of how Zero and Kraft see “justice” as… “I don’t care about being called an Irregular… Someone… Someone must judge the humans, who’ve strayed off the road!”

Track 3) Power Field

Battle theme: VS Kraft. Suzuki’s exhilarating hard rock chain. Kraft means “power”. A warfield… This is indeed Kraft’s “field”. “... Let’s begin, shall we?”

Track 4) Rust and Dust

The track of the rescue scene at Neo Arcadia, turned into rubble, by Ragnarok’s attack. Colbor, talk about a nostalgic face. He was doing fine. Menat and Hibou too! They are also there. But the amount of casualties is enormous. This melody has the image of the sadness and nullity of the situation.

Track 5) Crossover Station

The transfer station, with its central area and the short areas stretching in the 4 directions. If you steal the “Drill Rod” from the GangaGuns and use in Randam Bandam battle, this multi-hit attack will deplete the boss’ HP in the blink of an eye and it feels very comfortable to battle it.

Track 6) Cyber Space

Transmission circuit turned visible

This stage is the transfer circuit heading to Ragnarok. This is originally the circuit used for transfers, and Ciel’s help has turned it visible so it’s not “Cyber Space”. It’s closer in terms of image to the EXE (games) “cyberspace”. The boss, “Cyball”, is the circuit’s protection program.

Track 7) Ragnarok

Ragnarok’s engine core section. Vile, having resisted the shooting at Neo Arcadia, attaches himself to the Ragnarok Core to take control of it and begins falling towards the surface. The core, shaped like a sword, is known as “Laevatein”. It’s the name of the sword that the kind of giants, Surtr, swung and which “scorched the world”. (Ragnarok) is indeed about to scorch the Earth in this final war.

Track 8) Fate - Theme of Vile - 

Vile’s theme. It works as the pre-boss theme in place of “Guarder Room”. I think it works to tell that you’re no longer fighting Neo Arcadia.

Track 9) Ragnarok Record - Final battle - Ragnarok

Zero and Vile. The final battle of those who maintain their emotions and beliefs. “Can you… Can you cut me down!? Me, a human… Who you are supposed to protect!!” “I’ve only fought for those I’ve believed in… I won’t hesitate. If an enemy appears in front of me… I’ll bring them down!”

Track 10) Falling Down

The track of the battle with Vile’s 2nd form. Vile curses humanity. He used Mother Elf and Omega to advocate for total control of Repliroids by humans, was sentenced to being unable to die, and curses the humans who exiled him from “Paradise”. “They won’t live! They won’t die! Together with me, and forever…! I’ll make them walk through the history of “pain”!!”

Track 11) Ciel d’aube

The ending theme. I made it so that it’d begin from the Command Room scene, but, in terms of scene ambience, it was only SE until this scene ends. So even if you read the text slowly… The song won’t end…

Track 12) Promise - Next New World

This game has a staff roll with images, which comes in after the ending demo. The length of the track is calibrated, but it had to be adjusted (to end) when all of the staff roll (finished) so the programmers had a bit of hard time with that. Pay attention to the fact that Ciel is making a detailed acting! (laughs)

Track 13) Alouette March

The rest of the tracks are bonus tracks. This one was made by Umegaki for the Telos “Alouette’s Good Day” and it’s the first time it’s been turned into a standalone track! A melody like this one, like a colorful toy box, is what Umegaki is good at. I’d like to make a mini movie of her using this as a base.

Track 14) Inside of a Flame

This is the 4 Heavenly Kings theme, also used in the Telos drama tracks. This is also the first time it’s been converted to a stand-alone track. It was actually made for the battles with them in Zero 2, but due to various reasons, it was shelved and it was firstly used in Telos.

Track 15) Freesia

The last track is an image song. I tried adding vocals to the Area Zero theme. While we were at it, we added as much as we could of it to the game and we underwent recording in that busy period of the year that was the end of the year, when the deadline was almost upon us. The flower language of “freesia” is “hope for the future”. That there is happiness in the future of humans and Repliroids.


III - Sound Create Unit

Ippo Yamada - Sound Designer / Producer

Born in Kanazawa Prefecture. Graduated from Chiba University of Science. Joined Capcom in the year 93. Worked on “Super Street Fighter II (SNES), “Demon’s Crest (SNES)”, “Resident Evil (PSX)”, etc. Also joined as support of (sound team) for “Rockman X2 (SNES)” and “Rockman 7 (SNES)”. Joins Inti Creates in the same year. Works in “Convertible Running Attack Gunbike (SNES)”, “LOVE & DESTROY (PSX)”, “Crayon Shin-chan The Adventure of Cinemland, the Wind-Beckoner (GBA)”, all sound of the “Rockman Zero Series” as well as CD production. Also involved in “Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children The White Tome (GBC)” as Director of Monster Designs.

Tsutomu Kurihara - Guitarist / Producer

Born in Tokyo Prefecture. Debuts in the year 84 at EUROX from Warner Pioneer. Works in anime songs for anime such as “Panzer World Galient” as well as in CMs for Suntory and Miki House. Provides songs to many artists like Nakamori Akina, Nyangilas and such.Joins in many recordings, such as those of: CLASS,  Ono Masatoshi, Tanaka Minako, Sendo Akiho, Tamura Eriko, Tone Mariko, Funta, etc. Forms EGQ in the year 98. Releases 2 albums with Crown Records. He’s currently teamed up with Umegaki Luna to form Lu7 and released 2 albums, “Efflorescence” and “L’esprit de l’exil”.He’s also taken part in “Wave Rally (PS2)” and “Drihoo (XBOX)”.

Luna Umegaki - Composer / Keyboardist

Born in Tokyo Prefecture. Joined the making of the Drama CD “Angelic - The Saclear of Light and Darkness” while he was studying.Then he went on making the soundtrack and SFXs for many games such as “Ape Escape 2001 (PS2)”, “Drihoo (XBOX)”, “Everybody’s Golf 2 (PSX)”, “Jumping Flash (PSX)”, “The Legend Of Dragoon (PSX)”, “Koneko mo issho (PSX)”, “Battle Arena Toshinden 3 (PSX)”, “Choro Q2 (PSX)”, “Choro Q3 (PSX)”, “SIMPLE 1500 Hello Kitty Vol. 1~3 (PSX)” while being active as a musician. He’s currently the leader of the instrumental band Lu7.

Masaki Suzuki - Guitarist / Composer

Born in Yokohama City. Began live support of SHAZNA and Kawamoto Makoto and is active as a new-gen guitarist. His guitar songs have charmed many with the emotion poured in them. He’s not only a performer, he also works as a composer. His main works are Kawasumi Ayako’s “Dream It - I Want to Meet You (Love Candidate (PSX & OVA)) Main Theme”, Tamura Rion’s “It’s Only You and Me”, “Shutokou Battle Series”; and he’s also joined the recordings of Akina (Folder5) and Mitsuishi Kotono.

Shinichi Itakura - Keyboardist / Composer

Born in Kagawa Prefecture. Graduates from Shobi Junior College with excellent scores, as representative of his promotion. After going through Grad All Over and Otani Reibun Group, joins a live tour of “Ashita no Joe Band” as bandleader. Also, as a member of Team Namba he takes part in many works and sessions. He did the music arrangement for the NHK’s Continuous TV Novel “Sunflowers”, as well provide the music for anime such as “DT Eightron”, “Transformers Car Robots”, the sound novel “City”, and games such as “Glint Glitter”.


Satoshi Hase  SF Novelist

Born in Osaka Prefecture. Graduated from Kansai College. He earnt the 6th Sneaker Grand Prize Reward for his story “Strategic Base 32098: Paradise”, and debuted with Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko Ltd. Other works include “The World of Frieda, The Swarm of Stars become Heaven”. He released a new work in September ‘05 “Ring Girl (1) Second Coming of Babel” (all by the same publisher). Others works include short stories for Kadokawa Horror Bunko Ltd., “Ultra Q Dark Fantasy”, and the short novelizing “Going to Paradise”. He worked in the SP Novel for Volume 3 of the re-edition of “Goddess Candidates” . As of September ‘05, he has some stories that are yet to be compiled: “Toy Soldier”, “Land has Good Harvests”, “The Magician of the Seal”.


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