Friday, September 13, 2019

Rockman X DiVE Closed Beta Gameplay Videos for Everyone Who Isn't Playing

Whether you just missed the sign-up period* or you're having trouble logging in**, my buddy ShadowRockZX has taken the liberty of recording *tons* on Rockman X DiVE gameplay just for you!

ShadowRockZX's playthrough is on-going, so it's not exactly a complete run just yet. However, he has uploaded all of Chapter 1 (above), Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and a livestream of Co-OP Mode that's happening right now. Hit up those links and check it out, if you're so inclined!

*Additional slots are opening up soon!
** Contact Capcom Taiwan directly with any issues at with the title “RXD CBT Acct&PW Inquiry


  1. Thanks for the title clarification. I'm still stuck in the weapon upgrade tutorial and mailed capcom about it earlier, really hope they respond before the beta ends at least...

  2. I'm stuck in the rifle tutorial for chapter 1-2. After that the game will load up to 50% and freeze indefinitely.
    Been trying to get past this since yesterday, but no luck thus far.

  3. Quite irritating! This female "operator" should be FULLY disabled for players born before 199X. ^_^;; Imagine her doing a "how to play" Super Mario Bros.


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