Saturday, September 21, 2019

Rockman X3 25th Anniversary Band Album Available to Purchase

The Rockman X3 25th Anniversary Band album is now available to purchase in MP3 and WAV format! The PDF Score is also available for those who want to play the music by themselves, too. The album in MP3 format costs 2,700 yen (22€ - $25), in WAV format it's 4,320 yen (35€ - $39) and the PDF Score is 4,320 yen (35€ - $39)  as well. They also offer the individual instrumental tracks (Guitar, Bass, Keyboard & drums) for 2,700 yen (22€ - $25) each.

You can purchase both these items, the Band Album and PDF Score, here and listen some music samples here.

At this time, there's no news about the release date or when the first samples will be available for the Piano Album. Stay tuned for more news!


  1. I’m 100% on top of most MegaMan/RockMan music but I listened to Opening Stage and Gravity beetle and I honestly feel there’s better versions out there and much cleaner sounding.

  2. I have purchased the Band Album (MP3) -Fade Out Ver.- a few weeks ago. I agree with the earlier comment by RealMMFan that some of the tracks could have been arranged slightly better to make it feel more lively (comparing the Project X Zone 2 version of "Opening Stage - X" against this album's arrangement, I lean more towards PXZ2 version more). But the two additional tracks at the end of the album - re-arrangements of the English Sega Saturn/PSX opening and ending FMV themes are a nice surprise and are fun to listen to.


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