Sunday, September 8, 2019

Rockman X DiVE Now Available to Pre-Load (Not Playable Until 9/12)

A little earlier than expected, the Closed Beta App is already available for download in the Google Play store. Grab it here or alternatively you can search directly from your mobile phone with search terms "Rockman X DiVE", "Mega Man X DiVE" or "Capcom Taiwan".

More info and direct APK after the break!

From Rockman Corner, we're providing the APK file in case that's a more convenient method for you to download the game. Download it here: ROCKMAN X DiVE - 0.1.1.apk

The size of the App is 72MB. Remember, even if you download it right now, it won't be playable until Sep. 12th at 10:00(GMT+8).

And finally, also via the Google Play Store, have some new images:

As you can see in the first screenshot of this article, the game will have skins for each playable character. And via the APP description we have confirmation that the game will have new arrangements of old music tracks.


  1. Impatient to see that "network error" to go away. Thanks for keeping us informed!

  2. Can you play this WITHOUT the "FULL" usage of the internet?

  3. sweet! downloaded it!!!! Now to be patient till the 12th LOL!

  4. soon as I see this, my Google Play Store service has to go on the blink!! AAARRRGGGHHH! I'm really looking forward to playing this!

  5. So, you can only play if you were chosen for the beta? there is no way for just donwload and playing?

    1. ANYONE that signed up to play in the last couple weeks got in. You can download it but come Thursday, you will be promoted to login with your unique password Capcom Taiwan sent to you for signing up

  6. Anyone else concerned about installing Chinese software? I know the situation in Taiwan is uncertain, but they aren't known for privacy protection...


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