Friday, August 30, 2019

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Off-Screen Gameplay, Menus and Screen Layouts

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection is out to play at Capcom's PAX booth this weekend. For everyone who can't make it out to the show, Rockman Labs has taken the liberty of shooting close to five minutes of footage from the demo. There's a lot of little things to see here so I've broken down the noteworthy bits after the break...

  • At 0:13, we can see the "Type 6" screen layout in action. It's a transparent overlay of the DS' bottom screen.
  • At 0:31, it appears "Type 1" screen layout can be flanked by optional artwork instead of black space.
  • Mark 1:17 brings us the Zero series game selection menu. Casual Scenario Mode and Save Assist can be enabled here. There's a yellow tab at the top that says "English Edition". This means you can choose to play the English or Japanese versions of the games. Rockman Labs notes that, although this changes the text to a different language, it does not change the SPOKEN language. In other words you can't play ZXA in English with Japanese voices.

Here's how Save Assist works:

  • At 2:32 Rockman Labs says that the controls are VERY responsive with no lag.
  • At 4:00 Rockman Labs says you can choose between "original voices" or "remastered voices". He did not say whether this was a new dub. I spoke with alraz of Rockman Labs (who filmed the footage) and he said "I'm not entirely sure, but I believe it's just better quality I can check tomorrow".

And that's about it for now! Stay tuned for more news soon!


  1. Can't play ZX Advent with Japanese voices? Aww man, that's a shame :/

    1. You're blowing things way out of proportion!

    2. Looks like you're the one doing that

    3. Solution: Learn Japanese and play it in Japanese.

  2. i'll play without the easy scenario mode this time. As a kid, i found theme too hard so i was glad there was the easy scenario in Zero collection. But now i want to try the full difficulty of the thing.

  3. what he means its that you will have to put the japanese version in order to listen the japanese voices so you cant put the japanese voices whit english text like megaman legacy collection 2 if you wanted to hear meagaman 8 whit japanese voices you will have to put the japanese version in order to listen you cant put japanese voices whit english text in megaman legacy collection sorry for my bad english thats my explanation

  4. Glad to hear there's no controller lag. That was my only grip about the X Legacy Collection

  5. Sooo basically, if I want Japanese voices on the two games, I'd rather import the japanese version...x) got it.

  6. Thank god for the input lag being addressed. The only other thing I hope for is those Remastered tracks being usuable in game.


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