Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Rockman × TEAM SHACHI Collaboration Project Announced (Updated)

UPDATE: It's a game, too!
Capcom announced today a special collaboration project between idol group TEAM SHACHI and Rockman. The project is called: "ROCKMAN 20XX ~ fight! TEAM SHACHI ~" and will be fully revealed on September 12th during the Rockman Zero & ZX Dual Hero Collection Special Stage at Tokyo Game Show. More details after the break!

Don't let the trailer confuse you: this is a music project, not a game. The collaboration will bring TEAM SHACHI's 1st single "Rocket Queen feat. MCU" to the digital and streaming market on September 12th and will be released on a variety of physical editions on October, 2nd.

Many of you may recognize the name "MCU". He is a member of the band Kick the Can Crew, a mainstream hip hop group from Tokyo. He is a well known Rockman fan and is not rare to see him playing Rockman games on streams. He also was a special guest during the Rockman 30th Anniversary Live concerts and the Rockman Classics Collection 2 commemorative stream done by Capcom TV.

The single will be release in 4 versions:
  1. Time Train Edition [Limited Edition]
  2. Super Tough Disk [First Press Limited Edition]
  3. Strong Energy Disk Version
  4. Positive Exciting Soul Disk Version.
You can see the covers below. In the Super Tough Disk Version the girls are wearing the Rock Buster!

If you want to take a look at what kind of music they perform here is a clip of Rock Away the B-Side track for the Rocket Queen feat. MCU single.

And to finish this post, here's a couple of promotional pictures!


  1. That's just... Wow
    The Japanese never fail to impress me with their ways...

  2. Finally a game that explains what happened between x and classic!

    1. I mean, we know what happened.

    2. Eh. We just haven't seen if Mega Man scrapped all the bots/Proto Man's power core took out Mega/Proto/Bass or if the governments of Earth brought down the hammer. Everything else is clear-cut.

    3. Naw I mean clearly that's not true there is a game that explains it in the article above!

  3. The moment when this kind of things happen is when you know that the Japanese audience recognize a franchise's importance.

  4. Wow!! Japanese idol groups are one of my favorites!! I can't wait to see how this goes! :D

  5. I have no words just wtf disappointment.

  6. This… seems to have very little to do with Rockman as a whole.

    It'll fit in well with the rest of the random merchandise that Capcom's spawned, ho-ho-ho~


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