Monday, September 2, 2019

Rockman X DiVE - New Gameplay Video and Screenshots

Yesterday, Capcom Taiwan published a new gameplay video shortly after announcing that the Closed Beta Test quota had been fulfilled. And today, via the Official Facebook Page, we have some brand-new screenshots from the game, too. See them (and the supplemental text that accompanied both these updates) after the break!

Here's the text that comes with the gameplay video:
Mega Man X DiVE】Watch Out!
Data Error! Monsters got wrong way to go!
Let's find out which monsters should not be in the maps of Highway and Gallery!

Can you find the enemies in the video that are "wrongly placed"?

And today's screenshots:
Mega Man X DiVE】Step into Deep Log
Hunters may have recognized the world of RXD already! 
Today, we're gonna reveal weapons you'll get as you step into "Deep Log"!

In all, these aren't very interesting updates, but you may want to take a closer look at the enemies that appear in the screenshots.  Also, the pose X is doing above may look familiar to you, too!


  1. It is my bday and i so many mega man news, the best gift xD

  2. Amazing, today is my bday and i got so many mega man news, that's awesome xD

  3. Two things 1. This gameplay looks more like Contra or something like that (a runandgun)than MMX, which is fine but I'm just saying. 2. There looks to be absolutely no or maybe to a lesser extreme very little gameplay distinctions between the playable characters, they seem more like just skins.

    1. Just happy birthday would have sufficed.

  4. It looks like there's a different light saber in the video. Is the any chance we'll get other kind of meelee weapons? Perhaps, the knuckle, glaive or hammers? Maybe some of the meelee weapons in Megaman Z?

  5. Maybe a late observation, but this is looking pretty close to Contra.

    1. i've never played contra, but maybe this type of gameplay is easier to play on a touchscreen than the typical megaman style gameplay.
      Aniway, i'm fine with a different type of gameplay being used in a gaiden game as long as it is well done.

  6. Still looks sub par apps will be apps. “They worked really hard on it they saaaid so” lol! XD


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