Monday, September 16, 2019

Hardcover Robot Master Field Guide with Mega Man 11 Robot Masters in the Works

A listing on Amazon has outed the existence of an "Updated Edition" of the Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide. It's intended as a hardcover reprint of the original 2012 book featuring additional profiles of the Mega Man 11 Robot Masters. Here's the description:

"Updated with new profiles and information from Mega Man 11! The MEGA MAN: ROBOT MASTER FIELD GUIDE is your ultimate handbook to the classic Mega Man universe.
Inside you’ll find profiles of every major Mega Man character, including all the Robot Masters, plus profiles for other important robots like Proto Man, Rush, Roll, Bass, Duo, and more. Each profile features classic CAPCOM artwork, and includes quotes, weapons info, and of course each Robot Master’s secret weakness!"

You can pre-order your copy from Amazon right here! So yeah; not much else to say than that. I'm really glad Udon have been on a reprint kick lately. Now if only we can get them to translate Iwamoto's X series comics...


  1. I don't have the older version, so why not.

  2. I have the old version... but I'm going to get this one anyway.

    are we going to get one after ever release of a game? Just glad MM11 got it's own art book instead of getting an updated R20 or something

  3. I have been spending a lot recently, i don't know if i can afford to spend more.

  4. Another thing to beg my parents for

  5. Oh gosh I need this. I have the original from when I was a kid, it's all worn from years of love. Glad to see an updated version happening in hardcover, softcover is a nightmare.

  6. Hell yeah, my son will lose his mind!


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