Monday, September 9, 2019

Replica First Armor X-Buster is Now Available! Here's a Review From Zero

Jakks Pacific's anticipated First Armor X-Buster (or as they call it, the "Light Buster") is now available exclusively from GameStop. But is it worth the $79.99 price tag? How does it stack up to the other officially-licensed Busters from years past? Here's Zero (i.e Vinny Bolt) with a review!

Decked out in his charming Zero cosplay, Vinny shows off the ins-and-outs of the X-Buster. From the looks of it, Jakks Pacific pulled off an admirable interpretation of this iconic Buster. And, man, the SNES sound effects are, well, they sound great. Vinny certainly seems to enjoy it.

If you like what you see (and hear), head over to your local GameStop and pick one up! It's also available online right here.


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  2. nice sounds effects.

  3. Seeing that Zero with the X1 Buster feels appropriately DiVE. Thanks for sharing!


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