Thursday, September 12, 2019

Rockman X DiVE Datamine Unearths Four More Playable Characters

Now that the closed beta trial is live, it was only a matter of time before fans started digging into Rockman X DiVE's code for any hidden goodies. Sure enough, we found evidence of four unannounced playable characters: Black Zero, Steel Massimo, Second Armor X, and Cinnamon. Full resolution of these images can be found right here.

These characters are NOT playable in the closed beta. However, the existence of both portrait and full-body artwork heavily implies that they will be in the final game. Hurray!

Once again, I'm inclined to remind you that there is no set number of characters for the final game's roster. As a matter of fact, these images follow a strict three-digit designation. For example, Palette is "ch_013" and the copy Zero is "ch_026". That's thirteen unknown characters between them with the possibility of +100 different characters overall.

Rockman X DiVE is designed with longevity in mind – many characters are expected to appear over the next several months to years (if the game is fortunate enough to last that long). And remember:  Capcom Taiwan are taking requests, too. You never know who we'll see next!


  1. Their models are also in the game assets. Also been finding some really neat surprises as far as future content.

  2. I'd almost reconsider everything I've said about this game if I can play as STEEL MASSIMO in a platforming title.

  3. Wow, that would be like the first OFFICIAL Black Armor Zero artwork. Not a recolor.
    That's pretty cool.

    Wasn't Cinnamon already announced though? More or less?

    1. Cinamon was featured in a promo art, which sorta revealed that she would be in the game, but she has not been officially announced yet.

  4. Saying it now, when the game is released prepare for

    "Christmas Alia"
    "Easter Marino"
    "Summer passion zero"

    and i'm waiting for that

  5. I hope when the second armor releases we can finally know what name to give that armor at last.

    1. Giga Armor, last I saw, was not canon but community given.
      Fans call X1 the Light Armor or X2 the Giga Armor, but that's just because.

  6. It's worth pointing out that the memory of Massimo can actually be found in the game itself, when you hit Research Level 2.

  7. I hope Nana is in it! oh and Layer!!!

    1. It would be nice to be able to have Nana as the navigator in this game.

    2. Only Nana. Please Capcom, add Spider and Zero ZX characters.

  8. Is this the first time we've gotten official art of Black Zero?

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  10. Sick art, Kisuke is sweetness.

  11. Good to see Massimo in here. i was expecting his appearance given how much CM representation there is in this game, but i was wondering how long it would be before we see him.

  12. Is anyone else stuck on Ricos weapon upgrade showcase? Whenever I try to upgrade the weapons HP like she shows, the upgrade button is yellowed out, and whenever I try to go back home she just starts the process all over again. I cant select anything else. I've upgraded OTHER weapons but I still cant get out of this tutorial, and capcom Taiwan hasnt responded to my help request either.

  13. What are the keys to decrypt files or is there XOR?

  14. The images have a bunch of artefacts on them, and since they are lossless formats in PNG I don't know why they are like that. Disappointed but still better than cropped, with logo and other types of obfuscation. Missed opportunity to get the highest definitive version of these images early and out of the way tho.

  15. Excluding recolor skins like "Blero", I imagine some of the skins will be:

    Green Biker Dude
    Neo Arcadia X
    Cyber-elf X

    X1 Zero
    Maverick Zero (red eyes, evil grin, "W" forehead)
    Resistance Zero (Zero series)
    Midnight Bliss Zero (SVC Chaos)

    Copy Zero (X2 Black Zero colors for X4-X6 Black Zero)

    X1 Vile (Sigma's mark instead of his own)
    Vile MK-II and Vile V might be better as separate characters?

    X5 Alia
    Hyper Mode Marino
    Hyper Mode Cinnamon
    Hyper Mode Massimo
    Commander Sigma (before becoming a Maverick)

    As for holidays and other events:


    Santa X / X the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Puzzle Fighter)
    Santa Zero / Reindeer Zero
    Nutcracker Axl
    Mrs. Claus Marino
    Elf Cinnamon
    Snowman Massimo
    Jack Frost Vile


    Mummy X
    Zombie Zero
    Vampire Axl
    Witch Alia
    Pirate Marino
    Fairy Cinnamon
    Frankenstein Massimo
    Werewolf Vile
    Alien Sigma


    Ranger X
    Paladin Zero
    Sorcerer Axl
    Seer Alia
    Druid Pallette
    Rogue Marino
    Cleric Cinnamon
    Barbarian Massimo
    Demon Vile
    Overlord Sigma


    Mega Man X
    Super Mega Man Ultimate Armor X (even the intro: Rush Jet > Super Adapter)
    Proto Man Zero
    Bass Axl
    Roll (MM11) Alia
    Plum Marino
    Roll (original/MM8) Cinnamon
    King Massimo
    Dark Man 3 Vile
    Wily Sigma?

    Model X/Z/A for X/Zero/Axl

    Ryu X
    Ken Zero
    Sean Axl
    Cammy Alia
    Chun-Li Marino
    Sakura Cinnamon
    T-Hawk Massimo
    Akuma Vile
    Bison Sigma

    1. Bison Sigma meaning Dictator or Boxer? I'm guessing you mean Dictator but I just want to make sure. I'd definitely be interested in seeing something like that and there was a robotic Dictator skin in SF4 so it'd be neat to see something akin to the inverse of that.

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  17. Is the beta contents available somewhere? I'd like to compare them with the final version.


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