Wednesday, September 4, 2019

First Rockman X3 "25th Anniversary Band Album" Music Samples Are Live

Once again, GMStore is gearing up for the release of the Rockman X3 25th Anniversary Band & Piano Albums and today they published the first music samples from the Band Album.

Track available are:
  • Capcom Logo
  • Opening Theme
  • Title
  • Password
  • Opening Stage
  • Zero
  • Stage Select
  • Stage Start
  • Blast Hornet Stage
  • Blizzard Buffalo Stage
  • Gravity Beetle Stage
  • Toxic Seahorse Stage
  • Volt Catfish Stage
  • Crush Crawfish Stage

You can listen the samples here. The release date for the full albums are unknown at this time. As a reminder, there are no plans to release these albums on CD. If you want them, for now, you will have to purchase them digitally!

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  1. It's only Rock'n'roll and it's just awesome! Always love this soundtrack and those new rendition are just powerfull.


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