Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Significantly Cheaper E-Tank Mug

Fangamer's E-Tank mug too pricey for your budget? Fret not, there's a contingency plan. The folks at ThinkGeek are selling a significantly cheaper but equally nice E-Tank coffee mug for a low $8.99.

Making up for the lack of a complementary coaster, the mug even comes with it's own epic back story:

"It's Monday morning. You've been out rocking and rolling all weekend, and boy is your arm-cannon tired. You arrive at work in your robot dog, transform him into your desk chair, and settle into him to check a few news feeds to see if any killer roboviruses or random Russian scientists have tried to take over the world. Suddenly, your robot dogchairphone rings!

It's Boss Man, and the wily client just moved back the due date on your project -- to 20XX! (XX, we assume, is some value less than 10.) He wants the finished product on his desk by the end of the day, or he introduces you to Pink Slip Man. There's no time to lose!"

I think we've all found ourselves in a similar situation at one point or another...
You can purchase your very own E-Tank mug and read the rest of the story at ThinkGeek.

Thanks for the tip, Tony!


  1. I honestly think this version looks nicer.

  2. I honestly think this version looks nicer.

  3. I think I'll actually get this one.

    Just hoping the site accepts PayPal, and I'm gonna have to wait till my next payday.

  4. Looks just like it's price, I say. I could probably take the sprite to my local custom shop and have the exact same thing made. Although I'd probably pay more, lol. I personally think the other looks more novelty and special.

  5. @MegaMac: Huh? This looks much better than that cheapy other one.

  6. This looks more like a mug. The other one might look more special, but you don't really get that mug feel from it like with this one.

  7. Blech. I like the price better, but I'm not really feeling the love on this one.

    But it certainly has price and expendability nailed down, eh?


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