Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bonne Mecha Voting Contest Patched

After a few technical hiccups, the voting system for the Legends 3 Bonne Mecha proposal contest is back and kicking. The Capcom Unity crew have been working diligently to get it in tip-top-shape these last few days, and things are working properly once more.

Making up for the delays, the Unity crew are extending the voting period to to Wednesday, December 8th at midnight PST. All the previous guidelines apply for the new voting system; you rate a proposal on a 1-5 star scale that can be found at the top of each entry's respective thread.

As a bit of a reminder, this is not an art contest. Consider all aspects of an entry -- not just how it looks -- but how it might play. Make sure to read each design's specs and gameplay description careful before submitting your vote!

That said, head on over to the devroom and vote away if you haven't done so already. Before anyone asks, yes, you can link us to your design in the comments, if you'd like.

Best of luck.


  1. Wow, when I read the title, at first I thought it meant that the contest was "fixed" as in "rigged". Classic mix-up.

  2. Good to know, Protodude. There reall are some cool entries in this contest, on the Japanese side as well.

    That said, could anyone take a look at my entry? I don't care what you vote, since that's completely up to you, but I would at least get some votes. Being on the eighth page and falling doesn't help.

  3. Hope you don't hate me for linking it again, but please go check out MegaMan Legends Station's entry for this event, if you would. We hope you like it! :)

  4. Thanks for keepin' us informed as always, dude.

    Here's a link to my entry, the "Bonne Hydra"!

  5. Those guys plugged their entries...soo...

    Give the Drillbohrer a view -- comment if you like it.


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