Monday, December 20, 2010

Aero's 3D Model (Partially) Revealed

I say partially because it's still in the work-in-progress phases. Tonight, Capcom has revealed Aero's character model for Mega Man Legends 3. Though it may look a little rough around the edges now, the final product should look closer to her official artwork depiction:

The devroom team have also provided this nice in-depth look at the model's creation, which goes into great detail about all the technicalities involved. You can check that out here, and while you're at it, be sure to check out this post to see the step-by-step process of  how the winter/holiday wallpaper was designed.

Source: Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom


  1. Holy crap. Can't wait to see Sephira/Aero final graphic.

  2. @kotipeltox:

    No. More like "couple of months-development" max.

    Unless you're setting your expectations waaay too high. Like, home console high.

    Hmm... this is interesting. First, fans whined about Legends for not being a true MM game (Jump-N-Shoot formula fanboys). Then, they whined about leaving MML2 with a cliffhanger and that they demanded a sequel. Almost 10 years later, they get their sequel and guess what: they're whining about MML3 not being developed for a home console/being exclusive for "the next DS". Of course, exceptions exist (and will always exist).

    IMHO, most of the fanbase right now is: either too conservative (Jump-N-Shoot fanboys/oldfags who reject anything that goes "beyond the old-school standards") or it's setting the bar way too high (like, pre-EXE high, back when the Mega Man franchise was in the mainstream of the home consoles, with games like X5, Misadventures of Tron Bonne and MM8).

    ...not that I really care about the fanbase right now. I stoped beating that dead horse a long time ago.

    All in all, the stuff the L3 marke-I MEAN development team is showing us makes them more awesome each day.

    Plus, this news shouldn't be centered in just "Aero's model revealed, hype increases". They're basically explaining us how they intent to draw all the characters, while teaching us a bit about 3-D modeling.

    (lol long comment for tiny post)

  3. @MusashiAA:

    0_o Um, not sure that that was the guy's intended meaning.

  4. @MusashiAA- Uh... 3D Max is actually the name of a 3D program... I've only ever used Maya before, so I'm assuming 3D Max is the program they are using to create the models with, based on Kotipeltox's post.

  5. Both 3ds max and Maya are the best programs for 3d modeling; MusashiAA seems to be an ignorant person; he shuld be whining about his lack of knowledge

  6. hey at the end of the day alot of those programs are same. Even Maya is owned by Autodesk who own 3Ds Max ;)
    I'm quite sure any designers that talk about this program will confuse nintendo fans

  7. @linkfreak131

    But he said "3ds max"... oh, forget it. I just plain overreacted there.


  8. @3Ds Max or 3D Studio Max is a 3d modelling and animation program by Autodesk. The guy was wondering whether the devs used that program.

    @kotipeltox and @linkfreak131, It's not 3Ds Max or Maya, it's Softimage XSI.

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