Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kotobukiya Roll Shipping Out

I've received word from a handful of readers that online retailers are sending out shipping confirmations for the Kotobukiya Roll model, namely Hobby Search.

Apparently, if you happen to attempt to preorder the figure from Hobby Search right now, you'll be notified that it's actually in stock and ready to ship, despite being listed as "reserve" on the main page. What's more, reader Ivan says his model arrived in earlier today (right)!

 If you didn't preorder but would still like to secure a unit, check out a list of stores selling the figure here. Pick and choose the retailer that best fits your budget and order away!

Hopefully, things will arrive just in time for Christmas.

Thanks for the tips, Ivan (via Omni Clone), MegaMan64 and Ryan!

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