Monday, December 6, 2010

The Road To Mega Man Megamix

Earlier this year, Udon Entertainment took it upon themselves to finally bring Rockman Megamix, Hitoshi Ariga's radical reimagining of the classic series, to English speaking audiences. Yes, after years of petitions and a plethora of fan translations, the manga series finally came stateside... and there was much rejoicing.

In the wake of the success of the Mega Man Megamix venture, comic artist Zack Giallongo, a key player in getting the books stateside, recently posted a lengthy article describing the history of Megamix's journey to the West. His love of the Mega Man IP and chance encounter with Udon project manager Jim Zubkavich paved way to that copy of Megamix volume 1 on your bookshelf.

“You've got to see these books.” I said. Jim, himself one of the biggest and most genuine fans of games, comics, art and Mega Man I have ever met, was interested and told me to send him the covers and whatever information I had on them. I think it was the first thing I did when I got home.
Weeks, months, YEARS went by! I would often see Jim at other conventions and he would talk about successfully getting the license to Mega Man.

It's quite an interesting read, highly recommended if you're a Megamix fan. Head on over to Zlog!, Zack's official blog, for the full read!


  1. I'm STILL trying to pick up Volume 2! D:

    - Lee

  2. So the publishers are big Ariga fans as well! No wonder- I really felt the megamix localization is a rare work of love that did the series justice.

    If anyone from UDON is reading -- please give my kudos to whoever translated 時給戦隊アルバイター to "Hourly Paid Squad: Part Timers". That person deserves a metal.

    Hope you guys will pick up gigamix too!

  3. Anonymous - All of the translation credits are in the book! :)

  4. @ Lee: Megamix Vol.2 is in stock at amazon, for a great price!

  5. Aww, Matt! XD Well, if I don't receive it this Christmas I'll definitely get it from there!

    - Lee

    1. Direct link for convenience:


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