Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mega Man Legends PSN Progress Update

Capcom's Christian Svensson provided a brief update in the effort to release the original Mega Man Legends titles on PlayStation Network. Things are coming along; however, there's a bit of a problem with at least one of the games.

"Actually, it looks like there's an IP risk on one of the titles so the IP group won't let us re-release it on PSN. We've been trying to see if we can get that resolved but it's going to take a long time."

Sven could not disclose which of three Legends series titles is having trouble, however, we're led to assume that one or two of the three titles (MML1, MML2 and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne) are good-to-go as is.

What kind of IP risk? It's been long speculated that it had something to do with the contracts and legalities of the original voice actors, but this isn't the case:

"The issues I'm speaking of are not audio related but I can't elaborate more unfortunately."

My two cents: Mega Man Legends 2 is secure for release. For weeks now, Capcom has made a habit of releasing Mega Man Legends 2-themed avatars on PSN.  Catering specifically to MML2 -- ignoring goodies themed after L1 and TMOTB -- may signify the coming of the game itself on PSN in the very near future. 

Just one of those wait and see things, I suppose.

Source: Ask Capcom


  1. Whoever it is denying Capcom rights to release MML and MML2 on PSN, stop being dicks. Damn. What would your mother say?

  2. ...Megaman Juno?

    I dunno.

    Something copyrighted.

  3. Any hope of this titles coming to Xbox Live Arcade, right? :(

  4. If it were Misadventures, Capcom would probably just sweep it under the rug and release the "main-series" games. So my money's on SOMETHING being wrong with L1. What? No clue.

    I hope "PSN" will include the PSP, though, due to my lacking a PS3.

  5. @Jez:

    PlayStation 1 titles never get released on XBLA.

  6. @Anon2: Not by Sony, but Capcom owns these games.

    Legends 1 did come out on the 64, after all.

  7. Well, I don't have a PS3, and the PSP needs two analog sticks for me to care.

    I want a trilogy for the 3DS.

  8. I personally think it might be Tron Bonne's game, it has very complex programming that even the original PS1 had difficulty with, I think.

  9. Symphony of the Night wasn't a Playstation 1 titles, I guess.

  10. I never played Tron Bonne's game.

    And yet for some reason, I dislike it.

    Hilarious captcha: "moron". Hint much?

  11. "I personally think it might be Tron Bonne's game, it has very complex programming that even the original PS1 had difficulty with, I think."

    If it had difficulty, it wouldn't even be on the hardware to begin with. Tron Bonne also doesn't have anything over Legends 2 to make it special. It never did anything to push the hardware to its limits.

    If you're referring to why emulators have trouble with it, well that's just a problem with the emulators and not the game itself.

  12. Maybe it's because of Sera due to the first time you see her in Legends 2 shes nude...

  13. @Anonymous: I thought I read somewhere that it did have some difficulty on the PS1. Guess I was wrong then.

  14. Y'know, I was thinking about this issue before. Capcom seems to be using New Generation Pictures as their go-to studio for recording character voices. I'd imagine they'll more than likely be using this studio to record all of the characters in MegaMan Legends 3's english release. If that were the case, since they'd be using new actors instead of the original Toronto cast anyway, I'd have a mind to simply go back in and replace the audio with new recordings. From a marketing standpoint that'd definitely bring in more downloads off the PSN.

    Otherwise, the only other thing I could think of if it's only one of the three games having an issue, is that maybe they're having an issue getting the rights to Corey Seiver's voice? He ended up doing a ton of stuff far beyond voiceover years after recording Legends 1, so there could be some complications there. Notta clue...

  15. What could it even be?

    YAG school?
    Oronamic C drink?
    Adult magazines from L1 and L2?
    Sera's first appearance?
    Lex (Luthor) Loath?
    Lego? XD

  16. I hope they're working on other downloadable titles, too. I'd love to have X4 be portable.

  17. Well, the fact that they are even trying to put the series on the PSN is enough to make me happy.

  18. I'd rather see some 3DS ports for seperate sale or as part of a collectors edition. A lot of people can already play these games on PSP. It might sell better if there was something new.

  19. this is why copyright law is broken..

  20. They took away legends 3 from us this is truly the least they could do


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