Friday, December 24, 2010

Mega Man: The Board Game!

What do you do when they don't make a Mega Man board game? You build one.

A young fan by the name of Player 1 has developed a rather intricate Mega Man board game from scratch in his spare time. What may seem simple upon first glance, the game actually presents a unique method of play that faithfully adheres to the Mega Man lore with plenty of nods to the classic and X series. His efforts are sure to bring a smile to elder fans, especially if you made something along these lines long ago.

An assistant teacher by day, I'm well versed in what's hip and cool these days with the youngins. It does my heart good to see a kid of this age really digging the "older" series... that is to say, classic and X.

It's a bit sad, but out of a class of thirty with twenty something being gamers, not a single child in my midst knows who Mega Man is. Mario and Sonic, sure... but as character, Mega Man is something very foreign.

I remain hopeful that the brand's expansion into the on-going comic and toy market in 2011 will reach out to a whole new audience of kids. Game-wise, I don't think Mega Man Legends 3 will be all too appealing to that age group -- Mega Man Universe, maybe; especially since 2D platformers are finding themselves popular among the mainstream once more.

Yet, I fear that MMU's instance upon being digital-only and not being sold at retail will alienate younger players, who, more often than not, don't have access to online content. Despite owning a Wii or a 360 and a connection to the internet, my young peeps haven't touched Mega Man 9 or 10.

Hopefully, the future will bring many more Player 1s.


  1. zomg zomg x n classic meggermanz *fap fap fap fap fap*

    Seriously, fuck X and Classic. Why don't we show something other than these two, and that red-armored, green-boobed, blonde faggot that X gets anal fucked by every other night?

  2. It didn't look anywhere near as good as this, but it reminds me of my Banjo-Kazooie board game I made.

    Nice work!

  3. "Argh forgive me Mega I'm going to escape through a door over here"

    Love it.

  4. damn. didn't know you were an assistant teacher.

  5. I personally think Mega Man is a lost cause. Capcom will not match the marketing prowess that Nintendo and Sega has perfected over the years. Mind you, Mario and Sonic have had cartoons, along side their games and toys (thats not to say Mega Man has not, but the others have had more, and with better quality.) Furthermore, they have console games. CONSOLE. GAMES. Games that cost $50. And this is in part due to their status as mascots.

    I introduced Mega Man 10 to my little cousins this year. Just the other week, one of them came by to play again, and said "You know what Omar? No one in my school knows about Mega Man!"

    It's a truth. Capcom simply does not have the kind of appeal that the others do. Maybe it's time for an honest to goodness Mega Man cartoon (that is very close to the original story and character designs, sorry Ruby Spears), like the Super Mario Brothers Super Show.

    But just between you, me, and everyone here, I wouldn't mind if Mega Man died off. I'm happy with the games he has, and it just might be time for Capcom to move on to something else, just like Inafune.

  6. Ah, this reminds me of the days when I built a home-made Wacky Races board game with my brothers for my parents on Christmas. lol I love how this kid reminds me of me when I was his age. I was and still am so into Mega Man. I'd draw him, make up my own games, play the video games to death, and just talk about the series all the time.

  7. I dunno if I really care anymore if Megaman fades away. I feel like the more they try to "improve" on him, the more they take a dump on everything I loved about him. Sometimes it's better to just enjoy the memories and nostalgia....

  8. I see your point Omar. Now who wants Capcom to produce a cartoon/anime of Megaman? If they're accepting polls for MML3, surely they might listen to this if they want to keep the character alive.

    But if Megaman dies out.... Ok. But 20 years from that, there had better be a revival to rival the best games of the whole franchise.

  9. Story time eh?

    Well here we go.

    Back in 2008 when Mega Man 9 came out, I had heard of the series and seen it a lot over my past years. I was only 14 at the time, and I wanted to at least TRY a mega man game to see if I like the series.


    Mega Man 9 tore me to shreds, ripped my wrist off and handed it back to me, but I loved every mintue of it.

    I started going back to the other games, and I played every single one of them. I played 1-10 in the classic series, 1-4 of the X series (haven't gotten the rest yet), and I have beaten the first battle network and starforce games on recommendation by a friend.

    I must say, it was a great experience and the Mega Man series will continue to be one of my favorite from now on.

  10. I wish I went to the school you work at. Everyone in my class knows about Mega Man, but only about 2-3 people(including me)likes it.


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