Monday, December 27, 2010

Legends 3 Director Planning To Visit Nintendo Event

This January, Nintendo is planning on holding a Nintendo 3DS demo event aptly titled "Nintendo World 2011." No games have been announced for the exhibition but according to a report by Andriasang, Mega Man Legends 3 producer, Masakazu Eguchi, will be in attendance -- news that some are taking as a sign the game will be at the show.

Eguchi will be on-hand during the event's first day, January 8th, in Hall 9 of the Makuhari Messe convention center just outside of Tokyo. Eguchi will be on the showroom floor checking out the other games and encourages fans to come and say hello if you spot him.

Despite speculations, Eguchi's post over at the Legends 3 devroom makes no mention that Legends 3 itself will be playable. While I wouldn't get your hopes up for a full blown reveal, I think the least we can expect is a new trailer.

I'll keep you posted! Full story at Andriasang


  1. I wouldn't even expect a trailer. Developers going to certain events usually doesn't mean anything.

    Hell, Niitsuma (lead developer of MvC3) has been traveling the world throughout much of the past half year, yet I don't think we've ever actually had any new information coming out of events in which he was in attendance of.

    The most recent event Niitsuma attended was Jump freaking Festa, and nothing really new was shown, even though almost everyone was expecting the Rockman incarnation to be revealed.

  2. Darn press-only events.

  3. @Alilatias
    I'm pretty sure if a game will have a playable demo, More information will come as well. And besides, Megaman is Capcoms MASCOT, So he obviously has higher priority then MvC.

  4. The lineup has already been confirmed; no MML3 in sight. Sometimes developers go to events for reasons other than to advertise their games.

  5. @MegamanMegafan
    You do know that Capcom really doesn't have a mascot right now? I'm pretty sure they would rather pick someone like Ryu over Mega Man now, if they even wanted to choose one.

    Sure, Mega Man used to be one of their highest selling franchises, but it's not like that anymore. Just look at Monster Hunter series.

  6. @Anon3: It's not necessarily about what sells the most. While it's true I don't think Mega Man is "officially" Capcom's mascot, he is probably the closest thing.


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