Saturday, December 18, 2010

Minor Legends 3 Details Trickle Out

The official Rockman DASH 3 homepage saw the addition of a new game info hub the other night. The page not only discusses the DASH/Legends series as a whole (whose 13th anniversary is today!), but also contains some new (albeit minor) information on DASH 3. While it's nothing earth shattering, I figured it'd be nice to post them here for completions sake:

  • Uses Capcom's MT Framework tools (this was mentioned in a recent development blog post)
  • Will have a number of new characters, starting with the user-selected Aero.
  • "Free Running" has been powered up. You'll be able to run through a massive open field that has height variances. The abundant reactions, sub events and gimmicks that have won the series favor are being powered up as well.
  • The game will have a variety of fields, including massive unexplored ruins.
  • They're currently looking into multiplayer elements.

Overall, Legends 3 sounds to be like a much 'bigger' game. The multiplayer tidbit is pretty interesting... not entirely sure how that would work out but it couldn't hurt to speculate. I'm holding out for more concrete details before year's end; if not, we can look forward to 2011!

(Oh, and English winter-Legends 3 wallpapers are now available. Snag them here.)

Credit/Source: Andriasang


    1. Assuming this means some form of interconnected ruins/dungeons... Legends 3 is sounding better and better every day.

      The only thing necessary as icing on the cake might be a fantastic story/plot, a la Mother 3.

    2. Oh no! New characters!
      Incoming comparisons to Sonic Adventure and promises of boycotting.

    3. @Rockman

      Legends 2 gave us characters like Sera, Yuna, Shu and her brothers, Joe and Matilda, Von Bluecher, Glyde and the Birdbots, Gatz and Geetz, The Master, Bola and Klaymoor...That didn't make the game less interesting or worse than MML1, BECAUSE IT'S A FUCKING ADVENTURE ROLE PLAYING GAME.

      I say, you're a tad bit overdoing it. That matter shouldn't be a problem, actually.

      A rather bigger issue, however, is if any interconnection between ruins (between the many, MANY ruins, I'm hoping) like those seen in MML1 will indeed return. Oh, and a good plot.

      The biggest issue (gameplay improvements) seems to be the main thing currently in discussion and development. Which is why I can't wait to see the results.

    4. I can't wait but multiplayer is useless at least for me because I hardly use multiplayer in some games at all.

    5. No multiplayer. Mini games...maybe. Sounds like fun. But no multiplayer combat and such. I think the current era of gaming is forgetting that quality games don't need to have multiplayer paired with ego-boosting ratios.

    6. Online multiplayer would be nice, since I won't know very many people with a 3DS (same as now with the DS and PSP).

      I could see some cooperative exploration of dungeons.

    7. @MusashiAA
      Sorry if it wasn't clear. I was being sarcastic. I'm perfectly fine with new characters.

    8. @Anon10:28PM

      Agreed, I would love cooperative exploring!

      Making it with personalized diggers would be nice too.


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