Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Complementary Coaster, Release Date Bump For E-Tank Mug

Fangamer have updated their E-Tank coffee mug product page to include a little sneak peek at the custom coaster, included wth your purchase.

The coaster's simple design harkens back to the classic Robot Master windows of the 8-bit days (and the more recent MM9 and MM10). The colors mesh quite well with that of the mug, too -- I really couldn't think up of a more appropriate design, really. The four-inch rubber coaster is set to be included alongside the mug, collectively retailing for $28.00 USD.

Additionally, there's been a slight bump in the mug's release date. Due to overwhelming popularity, Fangamer says all orders placed from here on out will not ship until mid-January, 2011. Citing a tight-production, the mugs will also be limited to two units per customer. No indication of how much longer they'll be in-stock so if you intend to order, order ASAP!

Source: Fangamer


  1. Okay, I think the coaster has me sold. Problem is that I'd wanna' buy several, y'know, for the house that I am yet to own.

  2. Well that's boring... Granted, it's a Rockman 2-inspired design and all -- which was the first game to even have E-Tanks, so it makes sense, but I dunno... I expected a round coaster that looked like a large life energy capsule. *shrug*


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