Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Udon Announces Mega Man Tribute; Your Artwork Wanted

Looks like a few readers out there just won a couple bets: Udon Entertainment has officially announced Mega Man Tribute... and an initiative for all you artists out there!

"Fans everywhere can become a part of that history with an all-new art book from UDON Entertainment – get ready for MEGA MAN™ TRIBUTE!

"UDON is sending out a call to comic artists, video game artists, freelance illustrators, and fan artists all around the world to show us your artistic tribute to Mega Man! Give us your best artwork featuring the cast of Mega Man®, Mega Man® X, Mega Man® Zero, Mega Man® ZX, and Mega Man® Legends. All styles are welcome – anime, western comic style, cartoon, pixel-based, sculptures – whatever you can come up with as your tribute to the blue bomber!  The best pieces submitted will be included in Mega Man Tribute, which will premiere as a special 300-page limited-edition hardcover book at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con."

Now before you go all hog wild, there are some rules and regulations you've got to follow:

  • Artists may use any characters from the Mega Man games including Mega Man, Mega Man X, Mega Man Zero, Mega Man ZX, and Mega Man Legends.
  • Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, artists may NOT use characters from the Mega Man Battle Network, or Mega Man Star Force series.
  • Art should feature characters from Mega Man games only. No cross-over characters from other Capcom games or other comics / manga characters. Guest characters like Ryu and Arthur from Mega Man Universe are also off-limits.
  • Characters or designs unique to Mega Man-related comics, manga, or animated series may not be included. Submissions must be of game characters only. For example, the green Mega Man from the Captain N animated series is not allowed.
  • Artwork may not include fan-characters. You may not, for example, create your own Zebra-themed Robot Master named ‘Zebra Man’.
  • All content must be kid-friendly. No nudity and no extreme violence. Also no smoking, drugs, or alcohol use. If it is too adult for the Mega Man games, it is too adult for this book.
  • Multiple entries are welcome, as are collaborative efforts — but all artwork must be original, and created by the credited artist(s).
  • Artwork should be created at 8-1/2″ x 11″, 400 dpi or higher, (CMYK or RGB), portrait shape. Initial submission of artwork should be sent as a low resolution JPEG file that is no larger than 400 kb

Full contest rules can be found on the official Udon blog here. Once you've designed a piece, you can submit it to Udon in the preceding link by clicking on the large 'Submit Your Artwork' banner. Fill out the forms, and you're good to go!

All submissions are due no later than January 31st, 2011 at 1:00PM EST.

Source: Udon Entertainment


  1. Ha, this will be cool, I really enjoy Megaman fan art, some impressive pieces on deviant art already. I will probably buy this, tho I wonder if the exclusive comic-con hardcover ed will be available for sale online other than ebay....

  2. Silly question.. but, 8-1/2″ x 11″ means "Eight and a half X eleven Inches"?

  3. I'm going to have to find a Q&A form to probe on what exactly is disallowed. I'd love for the Mega Mission properties to fall in bounds of this submission contest so I can get my iX on. But I can't help but feel Udon doesn't expect any English speaking fans to be aware of it, or aren't themselves.

  4. @ Anonymous: 8.5 x 11 inches , yes.

  5. "All content must be kid-friendly. No nudity and no extreme violence. Also no smoking, drugs, or alcohol use. If it is too adult for the Mega Man games, it is too adult for this book."

    Too adult for Mega Man? But the Zero and ZX series have "robot blood", Sera appears nude in MML2 (Roll and Tron too, but off-screen), there is a bar in MML2, a few Servbots drunk root beer in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, and there are smokers in the series, like Dr. Light and Aluce.

    And those are only the games. In other media, Dr. Cain and Doppler get drunk in the X manga, and there is that licensed Mega Man comic with blood and ecchi...

  6. Huh, I was close to what it really was. Im down with this, Vile had better show up in it though.

  7. I wonder what the "legel issues" preventing usage of the BN and SF series was. That doesn't make much sense to me. Either way, that cover art looks really great.

  8. I won the bet, but this blows. No crossover? I don't give a flying firetruck (Cybertron FTW!) about artbooks. No crossover = me no givvy shit...

  9. Ooo, ooo, oo. I have the perfect pencil sketch I drew eons ago of the boys of X and I shall submit away. Yesh!

  10. @Anon: They said no manga characters, so that means no iX

  11. Some "Megaman" tribute. There's five Zeros on that cover vs. three Megas.

    Between Capcom and the fanbase, I don't know who strokes Zero's saber more. O-VER-RAT-ED

  12. "I'd love for the Mega Mission properties to fall in bounds of this submission contest so I can get my iX on."

    Is Megamissions a game in the Classic, X, Legends, or Zero serieses?
    Is iX a character in the Classic, X, Legends, or Zero serieses?

    "Artists may use any characters from the Mega Man games including Mega Man, Mega Man X, Mega Man Zero, Mega Man ZX, and Mega Man Legends. Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, artists may NOT use characters from the Mega Man Battle Network, or Mega Man Star Force series. Art should feature characters from Mega Man games only."

    "Characters or designs unique to Mega Man-related comics, manga, or animated series may not be included. Submissions must be of game characters only."

  13. No Starforce, OR Battle Network? Yet Zero is in it, who isn't even a Mega Man? >_> The hell?

  14. Oh man. I've been planning a huge Megaman piece for the longest time. Maybe I should get to work on it...

  15. Is it new artworks only?
    (or encouraging new art only

  16. @Professor Megaman -

    Huh. Methinks you need to consider a name change, because clearly you have no idea who four of the characters on the cover are.

    Look, I'm just as tired of Zero as the next guy (X is much better), but there's only one Zero on that cover. The other characters you're talking about are Vent and Aile in Model ZX (which looks like Zero but isn't), and Grey and Ashe in Model A (which looks nothing like Zero and more like Axl).

    Jesus. That's fine if you aren't as hardcore as the rest of us, but you should really think before you speak if you know that to be the case.

  17. @Pyro -

    I love Battle Network and Star Force as well, but they were excluded for legal reasons. Nothing could be done about it.

    And no, Zero is not a Mega Man, but he is the main character of the MEGA MAN Zero series, thus he counts.

  18. "No Starforce, OR Battle Network? Yet Zero is in it, who isn't even a Mega Man? >_> The hell?"

    It's not ebout if the character is Megaman.
    It's probably about licensing.
    Capcom might have a contract with a certain artist or team of artists for Starforce/EXE that would prevent them from letting someone else draw them.
    Of course, it could also be that they want to limit the choices to the main 4 series to concentrate the quality.

  19. These legal reasons are most curious, indeed. Oh, well. No matter for me. Mega Man Tribute WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  20. I imagine 80% of the entries will feature Zero, 15% with Bass and Proto Man, and 4% with others, and 1% with characters named Mega Men. XD

  21. @Pyro

    Zero is just as much a Rockman as Vent or Aile are.

    Zero series Zero that is-

    X series Zero for example, is not a Megaman.

    Because Megaman is not a name, it is a title. One who many have had. Zero series Zero inherits the title of "Megaman" from X, for whom he is continuing the fight.

    Think of it like Massimo, who inherited the title of Steel Massimo from the previous Massimo, who was captured and executed by the rebellion.

    Works the same way. X died when his soul was forced from his body upon sealing Dark Elf, and he does not want to return. Thus, Zero inherits his title of Megaman, and fulfills the promise he made to X, to fight for him and those he believes in while X can finally rest.

    Moving on, Wow, the guidelines are incredibly strict. Nothing outside of the games. At ALL. Not even the mangas or character STYLES used in them. Huh.

    Now, i certainly hope it will be available OUTSIDE of that comicon...

  22. Well Anon, Rockman here's the thing. The original appearance of iX was in a game; Mega Mission. Mega Mission is a game set in, and is titularly a member of the X series. That's before it was adapted in the Remix Manga.

    The problem even I recognize is: Mega Mission is not a video game. However the video qualification is completely absent from the contest list of rules and terms. Still, even though it's within the verbatim qualifications; even I'm all but sure that's just an oversight on Udon's or Capcom's part.

  23. Flame I really think, or at least hope, they mean alternate series specific redesigns are disallowed. Since they go on to encourage multiple and divergent art styles for fan submission. I mean I hope they just mean that unique to adaptation features like... say Protoman's civilian clothes or Skullman's spare-rib machine-guns stay out of it.

    Scrap all this wide-eyed guessing. I'm mailing Udon and asking for a less abridged ruleset.

  24. Flame -

    I agree with you, except that technically X really died when he finally faded away to rest in peace at the end of Mega Man Zero 3. I don't think you can count X as "dead" when his soul went on to live for several more years.

    Unless you count Model X. In that case, he never really "died" at all, and neither did Zero... or any of the Guardians. But I don't really count the Biometals. I mean, it's them, they're there, but it's not REALLY alive.

  25. @ fail anon:
    Really, now? You were expecting something else?

  26. I'm guessing the "legal reasons" is that ShopPro owns part of the copyright, and they were all WTF NO WAI?

  27. ... that cover art looks like shit.

  28. AWESOME. I am SO down with this! I love seeing artists differing styles.

    - Lee

  29. @Ash Paulsen

    He never died in Z3. Why do people keep thinking that?

    if he had died and faded away in Z3's ending, then there would be no Model X, because it would mean his very SOUL died.

    after Z3, he had used up too much energy, and lost the ability to enter the physical world. he was no longer able to exit cyberspace. But his soul was very much alive still. Along with the rest of the big 4 souls. And after Z4,Zero's.

    X TECHNICALLY died when he sealed Dark Elf. His soul was forced from his body and split into 5. (4 of which became the big 4 later, and one of which remained X himself)

    Now, he was dead on account of him being a disembodied spirit. He had no body to return to, as returning to his sealed body was out of the question. He was offered a body by Neo Arcadia, in the form of a copy body much like Zero's own. But he refused it, and disappeared. So they instead made the copy body into a copy X to fill his place.

    X himself took a break and hung out in cyberpace until Zero 1, where he occasionally popped up to talk in all capslock.

    Now if we get really technical here, his body was still alive. So he was really just a vegetable. his body was alive, but his mind not there. When Elpis destroyed the body, if you go by the idea that a living X body means he is alive, then THAT'S when he finally "died".

    However, the point stands, X was out of commission, and no longer could nor wanted to fight, so he asked Zero at the end of Z1, to fight for him while he rested for a while longer. Zero therefore, takes X's place as defender of the weak. The "sword and shield(boomerang)" Sigma himself mentioned in MHX to those who cannot defend themselves. He becomes a Megaman in X's place.

    Which i why in theory, the mangas calling him "Rockman Zero" as opposed to just "Zero" isnt entirely wrong. He IS a rockman, just not in the conventional sense. After Zero, It became officially, a title when Albert made the ROCK system (I REFUSE to acknowledge that "Mega" system exists) and by legends, it was still used as a title. Megaman Trigger, Megaman Juno, etc.

    (although the English dub flubs this by naming Rock "Megaman" by default, thus making it incredibly weird that he by coincidence shares the name megaman across both lives)

  30. @Ash:
    He never died in Z3... why do people keep thinking that? he just lost the ability to interact with the material world, having used up too much power in his fight against Weil. He was still very much fine, along with the other big 4, and after Z4, Zero.

    if he had "died" at the end of Z3, there would be no model X, as X's very SOUL would have died in Z3's ending.

    the point still stands though, that X was out of commission, and was not capable, or wanted to, return to the physical plane to fight. Which is why he asked Zero to fight for him in Z1's ending. So Zero inherits the title of Rockman from X, whom can no longer fight.

  31. "... that cover art looks like shit."
    I'm sure you could do better and you will be submitting your art.
    Or you can do better and you're gonna keep your art to yourself/sell it.

  32. @ Flame

    With regard to when X dies, X did pass away in Zero 3, for starters, you're confusing the nature of cyber elves. cyber elves are not spiritual entities but digital/ somewhat physical entities. The first thing that should of indicated this is the blatant fact most of them die when used. Reploids are capable of being turned into cyber elves due in part to the fact that their own mind is a digital construct. When X sealed the Dark elf, he did not die, but was rather transformed into a cyber elf by the dark elf, in the same manner that elphizo was in the ending of Zero 2.

    As far as model X is concerned, while the livemetals carry powers and personalities based off of the legendary warriors. They do not necessarily have to be, that person's soul literally embodied.

    Ciel could of easily based Livemetal X's abilities and mentality off of data and reploid DNA on X. Ciel already had the experience for replications, considering that spec-wise(and only spec-wise) Copy-X, who she made, matched the original X. Therefore, X's soul is not a necessary prerequisite for the construction of Model X.

  33. Flame -

    I disagree, though I do understand your viewpoint. I would tell you why, but Politian already pretty much did. Thank you for saving me the time, Politian. :)

  34. Volnutt, Zero, X, And Vent look fine in the cover. The rest of the ZX characters are have weird looking eyes. Mega Man himself seems darker than what he should be.

    I may consider submitting one, although time restraints may be an issue and I'm very amateurish.

  35. Called It.

    also the first to call it.

    I feel awesome.

  36. "I imagine 80% of the entries will feature Zero, 15% with Bass and Proto Man, and 4% with others, and 1% with characters named Mega Men. XD"

    That's exactly what i thought!

  37. A Reploid's Cyber elf IS their soul. their operating program. their essence.

    Its been clearly stated that X's cyber elf was forced from his body upon the sealing, not "created" or "turned into". His electronic soul was forced.
    And they are not quasi physical, they are digital. energy bodies.
    And YOU are confusing a reploid cyber elf with regular kinds. the kind created to be used for some purpose.

    However, once CAN argue, that since his body was still alive, he was merely disembodied, until Elpis destroyed his body. He was right, that was X's true retirement. that mark's X's death.

    when he faded away, he just lost the ability to manifest in the physical world.

    and actually, a biometal based on a legendary hero like X or Zero, DOES in fact, contain their souls. Said so in game. "Consciousness of legendary heroes" Tamashi, AKA soul, is used in the japanese version. Its even the reason they declared the big 4 dead when their fate was still up in the air after Z4 came out.

    So actually, he did not die. he just faded away into cyberspace.

    Also, Ash, can we regardless, agree on the Rockman as a "title" though?

  38. Man, Udon really like Bass and cutman don't they?

  39. Yeah that's because Bass is awesome!

  40. @ Flame

    In the games I saw no distinction made between manufactured cyber-elves and cyber-elves formed from reploids. Furthermore, a method for how X could become a cyber-elf is obviously shown through Elphizo being turned into one by the dark elf. Considering this obvious method, I, and probably many other people who have played the game would be confused by the explanation you're offering.

    You say that it was clearly stated that "X's cyber-elf" was forced from his body? I saw no statement of the kind made in the games. You'll have to provide where its stated which should be easy if its so apparent.

    And unless you have hard evidence to the contrary I'm afraid the idea of a "reploid's cyber elf as their soul" in the first place is little more then a concept born from speculation rather then drawn out from the actual game's story to me. For I've heard nothing of it. More practically however, if we were to agree, for the sake of argument, that the soul of a reploid was indeed, a cyber-elf of some kind, this would pose a strange oddity.

    Basically, you're suggesting that cyber-elves have existed since the X series, as the souls of the reploids. You may argue that this isn't so because reploid cyber-elves are very different apparently from cyber-elves, but if that is so, why would we refer to reploid souls as "reploid cyber-elves" as you call it in the first place?

    Your argument for the livemetals actually being who they are based off of is stronger. However, in the case that this was really so, there would be no method for how it was done as of this time. For no method is explicitly stated or implied in the Zx series. You seem insistent on the fact that X and everyone else somehow ends up in cyberspace, but how relevant is cyberspace really? Being present only in Zero 3 and briefly mentioned in 4 in a filler stage. Furthermore, if Omega's presence was the only way to access cyberspace in the first place, how could Ciel somehow get in and drag everyone out? And one final thought, if Ciel could sincerely get her hands on Zero, do you really think she would put him in a livemetal?

  41. Ummm... Mr. Ash Paulsen? Are group images exempted from the Tribute submissions?

  42. It's times like this that makes me wish I knew how to draw...-_-

  43. @ Politician:

    From the Rockman Zero collection site- X's profile:

    "The Legendary Blue Messiah" X
    The legendary blue repliroid and ruler of Neo Arcadia who symbolizes "infinite potential" and a "purveyor of justice" for all.
    Though he had done so for the sake of peace, he often worried over having to destroy his fellow repliroids during the long confrontations of the "Irregular Wars", a condition which went mostly unchanged even after Zero went to sleep following the Nightmare Incident.
    In the closing period of the Irregular Wars (later referred to as the Elf Wars), X cooperated with Zero who had acquired a copy body, to capture the Dark Elf, and arranged to use his anti-virus countermeasure to seal her within his own body.
    When he sealed the Dark Elf, the shock forced X's soul from his body and split it into 5 cyber elves.
    Eventually, 4 of these souls were incorporated into the Shitennou of Neo Arcadia, while one continued to wander the earth. "

    A Reploid's cyber elf is most certainly their soul. and a reploiid most certainly has a soul. Recall Phantom in Zero 3. he appears in the cyber world version of Sub arcadia and you can fight him. if you use the Phantom Modification card, his cyber elf also appears on the roof of the resistance base. (much like if you use the battle form 1 Elpis card, Elpis' cyber elf appears near the command room)

    Now, to my knowledge- Phantom was never "turned" into a cyber elf. However, his cyber elf was a byproduct of X's soul splitting in 5. Now. just to clarify on what a cyber elf is, it is a digital entity with an energy body. As such, the sigma virus is under the classification of "cyber elf" the type of entity they are has always existed, however when cyber elves themselves were manufactured, those were specifically made as little energy pixies that grant abilities.

    Now, ill grant you, that not anybody becomes a cyber elf. Like you said, certain conditions are required. Such as Mother elf- or, whatever process Serpent was using to turn people into cyber elves in area I. (the rainy part after the power plant?) Model W itself seems to be able to extract cyber elves saturated with fear from people.

    On Biometals now. You say there is no means? Weil himself was doing it 200 years prior in Zero 3 and 4. Copy X MK.ll, Blizzack Stagroff R, Hanumachine R, Anubis Necromancess lll R, and Fenri Lunaedge. Weil is and always was an expert at reviving dead reploids. Its his specialty. if He can do it, Ciel, the genetically enhanced super child who built Copy X at age 6 certainly can.


  44. CONTINUED----

    Also, yes. She would. a combat reploid in such an age of peace would NOT be tolerated. Much less 6 of them. And as a guardian, she cannot do that without compromising her job. She did know about the game of destiny and Serpent's plan. She knew of Model W. so she sealed the core, and brought them back with the ROCK system, to fight the game of destiny. Fire with fire, as it were. The same people who can destroy the world, can protect it.

    On cyberspace- it has existed as far back as the X series. Classic even, if Sheep Man's stage is to be taken into account as actual cyberspace.

    What omega does is tear the dimensional barrier between the cyberspace subworld and the physical world. the green areas are cyberspace overlapped with the real world.

    Actual cyberspace is more like what we saw in the teleporter circuit and in X4. when a reploid dies, it's consciousness drifts into cyberspace and usually just dissolves into nothingness, "engulfed by the electronic abyss", as X so eloquently put it at the beginning of the Elf wars retrospect drama track. It is where all data flows to in the end. Only reploids with a very strong will can resist and retain their selves in tact in cyberspace. Phantom was the first. and as he said to Zero, "there I learned all truths".

    So it definitely exists, and is quite relevant. Especially to the Zero series. When Weil revives a reploid, he pulls their cyber elf data from cyberspace.

  45. The legal reasons are that the use of EXE and Shooting Star in materials like these, are currently solely owned by Shogukukan Productions. Not to mention that VIZ Media has held the licensing for EXE's localised media for a while now.

  46. @Flame: Cooooool.... Where'd you get you're intro? The first paragraph in your Politician reply.

  47. @ Flame

    I noticed that much of your argument for the reploid soul practically being a cyber-elf rests on information that is exclusively Japanese, and furthermore, would of never been found in either the Japanese or English version of the game. I will not say that invalidates your argument, however, I'm frankly curious as to where you got these translations and if the quality of said translations can be vouched for. For starters, it is said in a file in Zero 3 that the Guardians were made from X' DNA, not fragments of his soul. The information in the Rockman Zero website contradicts facts plainly stated in prior games and if I recall correctly many have noted that when the website first came up. Furthermore, unless inticreates is retconning things on the go, a website for a game cannot be necessarily depended upon for conveying the facts of the actual story correctly, especially in the case of Capcom.

    You are also stretching cyberspace's relevance and influence. For starters X4's cyberspace stage was quite literally the world's internet network, not the realm that exists in the Zero series. If we go back to phantom's words in the game, cyberspace is a "shadow world, where both reploid souls and cyber elves live." Though the connection circuit shares some similarities to cyberspace, in that it is a circuit of data, cyberspace ultimately resembles the real world as a shadow. It is not a realm where all reploids are destined to go to when they die, but a depository of data that only some find themselves lost in. As phantom says that he somehow drifted here and furthermore did not expect to encounter Zero here, ever, even in the case of Zero's death, "I never thought I would meet you again in this world", he says.

    If you wish to argue that Ciel resurrected the heroes into the livemetals the same way Weil and any other villian resurrected reploids, that would be more plausible to some degree. However, cyberspace was never a prerequisite towards reviving anyone to begin with. The method for reviving reploids is normally referred to as DNA resurrection and was first mentioned in X6, and primarily requires that a reploid's DNA be intact to some degree in order to be properly brought back to life. It is much more logical that Weil resurrected reploids along these lines as it is never said in the game that he, or anyone else for that matter, performs the effort of bringing "reploid cyber-elves" out of cyberspace as you propose.

    The proposed method of cyberspace being used to resurrect reploids is also flawed. For starters, only Omega's presence allows cyberspace to be accessed in the first place. If he is not present, then cyberspace cannot be accessed. Furthermore if utilizing cyberspace were the only means of resurrecting reploids all the villains prior to Weil would be out of luck with regards to their boss attack stages.

    Another problem is that if we were to accept the conception of cyberspace as a realm where all dead reploids go, and your explanation of it, it would place a time period on how long you could feasibly retrieve a "reploid cyber-elf" before it perished into nothing. Unless we are to conveniently believe that they just lasted long to be retrieved somehow, the likes of Fenri Lunaedge or even the heroes themselves would never have lasted long enough through the centuries let along years, to be brought back to life via this method. As you imply that trying to retain one's form in cyberspace is a struggle that will inevitably be lost. In short, interaction with cyberspace is not necessary to revive reploids and would be quite problematic if it were the only method.

  48. @Repliroid20XX Seriously, Capcom created Battle Network and Starforce, and nobody can take those rights away, this is infinging on Capcoms rights here, I can only imagine how many BN/SF fans are mad about this (well I certainly am for one thing).....

  49. @ZeroX_Syaoran -

    Nope! As stated in the rules, group submissions are welcome, so long as each artist is credited and their work is original art and follows the other submission guidelines.

  50. @whoever..

    Uh, iX is an official character, not just a manga-ka one.. He was in the MegaMissions CCG that was released in Japan only. There's even a small head-shot of him in the X side of R20, also in the US X Collection artbook. So there.

  51. With regard to Ciel deciding to resurrect Zero as a livemetal, your explanation is plausible, though gambling on the livemetals' chosen ones making the right choice over bringing back a legendary warrior who is known to fight for peace is somewhat far fetched. Furthermore, if Model Z is Zero, why does, In Aile's story, Giro reminds Prairie more of Zero then Model Z, who according to you really is Zero? And why do they not interact in any manner suggesting that Model Z is Zero? The fact that Prairie is reminded in the first place suggests that Zero is no longer present in any form among the living, he is a memory. Anyway... I've never been one for incredibly long web arguments, so I'll stop my argument here.

  52. @ Rockman

    In fact, I can do better. But will I submit art to it? Nope. If I want to make megaman art, I'd do it for free and put it on dA or something, so people can get it for free.

  53. my translations come from Marshmallowman of RPM. he has done most of the translations.

    You can go to the Japanese collection site and have someone else translate if you wish. I can vouch for the validity of them.

    Inticreates LOVES continuity. cant get enough. they constantly update and change the Zero story, releasing new facts.

    We never knew just where the big 4 came from. "X's DNA" is not terribly specific. X's cyberelf would also contain his DNA. it was split in 5, and thus those 4 were incorporated into bodies, as "X Bioroids"

    On cyberspace: yeah your right. im mixing things up.

    However, Z3 cyberspace is an overlap. it is not the shadow world. Omega's appearance has created a rip in cyberspace, allowing programs to escape, and real life objects to enter. it is an overlap. however, you might be right. Im just getting confused. I mean seriously. look WHERE we are discussing this.

    Also, Weil revives through cyberspace. Remember R20? there is an image of him with hanumachine and Stagroff's cybe elves around him. in Z4 he also brings back the Z3 bosses to attack you.

    DNA resurrection is one thing, but when pulling them right out from the afterlife became available, then they used that. or at least, Weil did.

    I never said that it was the only way, only that people like weil can do it. If programs and cyber elves can get there, he can sure as hell pull them back out. its his specialty to do so.

    yeah my cyberspace idea is flawed. Im not Zan. He's the real master in these matters.

  54. lol to Mega Man story discussions. Capcom doesn't reveal much and as result we have confusion. Even the Compedium of Rockman X book has a question mark in X6 in the timeline to make it vague. The Game Gear and DOS games are canon? If yes, in which time they happen? Alternate universe like BN/SF? Multiverse? Bad Box Art Mega Man?

    By the way, licensed games like these, the WS Rockman & Forte and Rockman Strategy are allowed?

    I wonder if there will be something related to RockBoard, Super Adventure Rockman and Mega Man Xtreme 1-2.

  55. @masterge77: It can't be helped if Capcom has already signed over the rights for EXE and Shooting Star related media

  56. @Ash Paulsen: No, I mean images depict characters from all series in one image.

  57. @ZeroX_Syaoran:

    I imagine so, yes. I mean, that’s exactly what the cover image is, so I can’t see why they wouldn’t be. But next time I talk to Matt, I’ll ask him just to be sure.



    I SO wanna submit something for this, I JUST started getting into doing some Mega Man X and Zero Fan Art with my new paint/drawing software.
    I already have some ideas...!

    Even if my stuff doesn't get chosen, the fun of entering one's art for a fan-contributed art book tribute, especially if it's MEGA MAN related, is still awesome! I would buy it to see the really good art that DOES get in!

    Not that I DON'T hope mine is good enough anyway... 0w0 ... Hmm, would be nice.

    I'll do my best!

    BTW, X and "Z series" Zero look so AMAZING on this cover!


  59. @Repliroid200X That's impossible, the titles have the word "Megaman" in their name, and that name is a registered trademark of Capcom International Inc. If Capcom sold the rights of BN and SF to ShoPro, then Capcom would have to sell the rights of ALL the Megaman continuities (Classic, X, Zero, ZX, and Legends) to ShoPro entertainment, meaning no more Megaman, the franchise would be dead.....

    I think I know whose REALLY to blame here on the BN/SF situation:

  60. @masterge77: I said... use in MEDIA. Look at what's happened: EXE and Shooting Star manga was serialised in Shogakukan's magazines, and EXE and Shooting Star anime was overseen/produced by Shogakukan with all corresponding merchandise showed ShoPro trademarks. I never once said that Capcom sold their own trademarks in entirety, it's just that Shogakukan has been leased rights in order to create products which have been derived from the games, which have been predominantly anime and manga.

    TL;DR -- Learn to read.

  61. @Masterge77: I can tell you, it's quite possible for companies to co own an aspect of a franchise. Capcom does fully own the name "Mega Man" or course. But in simple terms, in the case of BN/SF, Capcom can't do anything without ShoPro's permission (by same token, ShoPro can't do anything without Capcom's permission).

    Co-owning an aspect of a franchise is quite common. Another example - Masters of the Universe is owned by Mattel, but the classic 80's MOTU cartoon show is owned by a company called Entertainment Rights. This means if a character appeared in the TV series-only, then Mattel cannot make a toy of it without permission.


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