Monday, December 13, 2010

Winner Declared In Bonne Mecha Design Event

The Mega Man Legends 3 development team have reached a verdict: the winning Bonne Mecha design is the Donner Wels by Kobun #46 of the Japanese Devroom (and author of the famed Japanese fansite Cap Kobun).

It was a rather difficult decision, but ultimately the The Donner Wels came out on top. The electricity-based mech will go on to appear in Mega Man Legends 3 as a real boss battle, piloted by none other than Bonne family!

Legends 3 director Eguchi notes the team will "do a bit of revising and “recipe-altering” on our end in the interest of quality and what-have-you. So please bear with us and look forward to seeing how this mech ultimately turns out!" What you see here may not necessarily reflect the final design, in other words.

You can read more info on the winning design and the overall selection process here.

A big congratulations to #46! And let's not forget to applaud the other designs; excellent work all around, everyone!

Source: Capcom Unity


  1. No Triple Changer?


  2. After reading the description of the guy over at Mega Man Network this honestly seems like it was rigged.

    Cannot say I'm surprised this whole "outreach" struck me as a PR grab more than anything.

  3. Whaaaat?! Sorry but Triple Changer was the best of the lot.

  4. of course, japan wins.

    Long live glorious nippon.

  5. Maybe I'm just feeling more caustic than usual, but--I get the feeling that our input won't be considered at all. I mean, the East's already won out twice...and as some people have noted, this all seems rigged.

    I think the design's okay, though.

  6. I was hoping for the giant rubber duck. That's hardly a water-themed boss.

  7. First I was sad that MegaMan Legends Station's entry didn't make the cut. Then my jaw dropped when I saw it'd gotten an honorable mention. It may not've made it into the game, but just the thought that the actual DASH 3 dev-team was seriously that close to using it... I get chills. And CAP Kobun's Donner Wels looks great, too; if it had to be any of the other finalists', I'm glad it was his!

    Come on, guys, what's with this insisting that the contest was rigged? What, just because a Japanese entry won? Did you see the Japanese entries? They were all very impressive! You're better than this, guys..

  8. To those of you essentially saying "cry cry, Japan won, think of the poor Americans!":

    Good lord, get over yourselves. Saying that Japan only won because of favoritism makes us look even WORSE. Japan won because a Japanese person had the best design. It's clear to see. Had an American person submitted the best design, it would have won. An American person didn't. Simple as that. But being a sore loser about sure is the American way, ain't it? And I can say that because I am an American. Thankfully not of the sore-loser, "America is always the best" variety, though.

  9. I loved all the designs, they were all great in their own way. Congratulations to everyone that entered. ^^

    We should all be happy that the designs all got big praise by the Dev Room. And I'm glad that the MMLS entry got an honorable mention too.

    I will have so much fun playing this game. <3

    - Becky

  10. Nationalities aside, I still think the Seeteufel is way better than this Volt Catfish rip off. Good design, but I still feel it's a rip off. Maybe MMLS's mecha design could've been a bit better, but the amount of detail that was given to the boss battle's enviroment was pretty cool IMHO. Perhaps the MML3 development team already has their own ideas on how the boss battle will go.

    Still, I'm pretty happy to see that the Seeteufel got an honorable mention :D.

    I'm wondering if there will be more mecha contests like this one in the near future...

  11. @ MusashiAA

    Glad im not the only one who sees the Volt Catfish resemblance.

    Yeah Seetuefel was one of the most detailed original ones IMO.

    Also, the reason people are crying foul is because it marks twice that the japanese favorite has won. They won the heroine contest, and now they won the Mecha design contest.

    And considering Capcom's track record with this kind of stuff, I can see why they think that.

    Though still, while I dont particularly like this winner, congrats to him anyway i guess.

  12. @Flame I was wondering what the other time the Japanese favorite won was... but really? The Japanese pick won out in the heroine poll because the Japanese devroom had nearly three times as many voters as the one on Capcom Unity. The votes from both were all added up and Komaki's design won out. That's how I thought it went, anyway. That wasn't favoritism, it was just plain, simple numbers. o__o;

    Volt Catfish eh? Donner Wels also looks like Regigigas.. XD

  13. Errr, to be fair guys, the Seeteufel wasn't exactly "original", at least from where I'm standing. It was incredibly well thought out and well presented and all of that but a stationary octopus boss is not unique or special. It was even admitted in the topic if I recall correctly that it may slightly resemble the Ferdinand, which was also arguably octopus-like. I also don't know why people seem to like the Triple Changer so much. I guess I just don't like that it uses the Gustaff as a base. I don't see the point of basing a fan design entry on an existing robot.

    I can't say this was my favorite of the chosen 10 designs (then again, none of them except for the Scylla & Charybdis and maybe one or two others struck my fancy), but congratulations are in order regardless. So congrats CAP Kobun! And everyone needs to stop with the crying fowl. It's not like Sephira was not doing well here too. It was the second most popular here.

  14. @JDAManson Indeed, Seeteufel was very much like Ferdinand. I'd like to think, if anything, we embraced the similarities, rather than trying to pass it off as completely original. In fact, it was for that specific reason that I noted the similarity at the very beginning of the proposal document. Although, that having been said, I truly believe we had a lot of unique, original ideas that weren't associated with Ferdinand in any way.

  15. @Pitch: Oh, no, I didn't mean to say that Seeteuful had absolutely no original or unique ideas as far as attack patterns, arena, etc. are concerned, I was just saying that the concept in and of itself isn't, in my opinion, unique enough to bash Donner Wels for being a "Volt Catfish rip-off" and praise Seeteufel at the same time. I think the information given to us led most people in pretty clear directions (which is likely why there were so many octopus-like robots), so I don't think here the design was so much important not only because most prominent features (drills, amphibious-ness, etc.) would be obvious, and most of our creativity should have been aimed towards interesting and creative battles unique in the Legends series. Seeteufel did great at that and so did this robot, using electricity instead of directly attacking with water. Not to mention design was so important because it's likely to be changed a bit anyway.

  16. Tons of typos in my last post, but hopefully you can understand! I'm not trying to bash anyway, I am just trying to explain my original comment.


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