Sunday, December 12, 2010

Battle Chip Stadium Cabinets Up For Grabs

Don't know how long this has been going on, but hey, it's worth a mention.

Collectors looking to get their hands on the Japanese-only Rockman EXE: Battle Chip Stadium arcade machine can look no further: Online retailer Coin Op Express have begun selling the game, willing to ship them out to fans throughout the world. Owning this lovely piece of hardware does come at a price, of course; a whopping $1002.42 USD!

It's quite the rarity to see units up for grabs -- publicly, that is. The presence of Battle Chip Stadium cabinets in arcades has significantly dwindled in the last few years, with an official phase-out beginning in January 2009. Since then, the machines have found themselves up on the private Japanese auction block, often selling for several thousands dollars. Coin Op Express are presenting a unique opportunity for overseas fans, capable of shipping the game out internationally. Naturally, the shipping and handling charges will vary depending upon your location so don't be too surprised if the above price adds up.

Battle Chip Stadium began its arcade run in 2006, shortly after the release of Rockman EXE 6 for the GameBoy Advance. The game acted as an extension of the former, allowing players to upload and download data from copies of EXE 6 or the Link PET EX toy, battling Net Navis using real plastic Battle Chips produced by Takara/Tomy. (footage, more info here.)

If you're a diehard collector and are willing to shell out a lot of dough for this baby, I say go for it. Grab yours here! Thanks, Lcarens.


  1. If the person selling is also going to supply the machine with it's Chips and all the other stuff, I might actually consider it.

    One of the arcades here has a lot of imported games, so I could see if they'd like it and I could be making some extra bucks on the side for whoever plays the machine.

  2. Ohhhhhh.

    If someone buys it, they have to give us better footage. I want to see the detail of the graphics better!

    Expensiveness sucks.

  3. And by footage I meant they should hack it and extract the graphics.

  4. Or better yet, get it to the MAME team so they can add it to MAME, and get its ROMs dumped. That way, everyone will be able to play it!

  5. Woot!

    Though I was never able to get MAME to cooperate.

  6. 1004 isn't that much for an arcade game like this. Like Amir, I will consider this.

  7. If you guys get it, MAME it!

  8. I'm tempted to spend my college savings on this. :I

  9. @Vile

    Well, it doesn't have the shipping costs listed, so it could be about $1500 or so, considering the weight and size.

    My main concern is whether or not the supplier of the cabinets actually supplies the chips that come out of the machine and shit.

    It could be an easy way to get a shit-ton of rare chips, or at least learn some new PAs and level up my Link Navi chips.

    Not to mention, get some proper footage and coverage of this game with decent quality camera-work, actually audible sound, etc.

  10. I wanted to be sure.

    "Dear Emmanuel
    For your inquiry of Rockman Exe Battle Chip Stadium, after checked, sorry that we do not have stock for the machine."

    It's old...they had the arcade there is a long time...but they don't have the machine since 2 years. =(((

  11. Or better yet, get it to the MAME team so they can add it to MAME, and get its ROMs dumped. That way, everyone will be able to play it!


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