Monday, December 6, 2010

Legends 3 Townspeople Event Kicks Off

Mega Man Legends 3 event #3 has officially kicked off! As discussed earlier last week, the Legends 3 crew will need your help in not only naming some of the game's townspeople, but constructing their personalities, too.

The event is split into two methods of participation:
  • Type 1 - Here, you can write the name, background, and dialogue for the townspeople
  • Type 2 - this one is a bit simpler; all you have to do is write a line of dialogue based on one of three topics. 
The deadline for both tasks is January 5th... a little over a month from now. While that may seem like quite a while, time certainly does have a tendency to flyby. The winners will be announced on January 14th. Those who win the contest will receive a whopping 15,000 Unity points and a special Servbot title of "Townspeople Planner." The best reward of all, however, is getting your ideas in the game.

Capcom is also providing some material to help you in constructing a character. You can play catch up with the Legends series lore via this handy-dandy write up, or see some tips on going about this event from level design planner, Hajime Horiuchi here. What's really neat about the write-up in particular, it reveals the first of presumably many locations in Legends 3 -- Klickelan Island. Even if you're not going to participate, do check that out!

All the details available at Capcom Unity


  1. Klickelan Island sounds amazing. They really seem to be handling this game right. =)

  2. I wanted to see the info in the Japanese site but I can't see Klickelan Island anywhere. The DASH 3 site didn't added them yet or it requires to be registered to see?


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