Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Mega Man Olympics Wage On

The first event flew under my radar, but it looks like things are full speed ahead with Capcom's rather bizarre Mega Man Olympics promotion. Following up on round 1, Capcom Unity's jgonzo and Rockman Unity's Ucchy-san go head-to-head in a heated 'chopstick challenge.'

Just how many more of these zany challenges are left? Only the future knows!


  1. Dunno if I should be creeped out, or laugh my ass off.

    I think i'll do both. o.e

  2. I suddenly have the urge to bang on a piano with two fingers.

  3. Aww... she's so adorable and pouty. XD

  4. What the...? That was only Mega Man related in the most nebulous terms.

    You lost me with the female Proto, Capcom. ;)

    Now pool your profits together and BUILD robots already!


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