Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mega Man: MAD Magazine Style

Jose Garibaldi, the freelance artist best known for his work in MAD Magazine, whipped up this nice interpretation of the Blue Bomber some weeks back on his personal blog. It's illustrated in a style that gives off this interesting, every-day-kid portrayal of Mega Man; the look of a young sprat eager to go about saving the world!

Jose suggests you listen to this tune as you ogle over the image:

Gotta love those pseudo-sneakers!

Plenty more of Mr. Garibadli's video game inspired art can be found at his official website, Little Brown Heart and official blog!

Source: Comics Alliance


  1. ...that honestly looks like crap.

  2. That's his style, anon. Haven't ever seen MAD magazine?

  3. Awesome, I love me some alternative art.

  4. Better than Udon's rendition, thats for sure. It's pretty neat. Also, that dude has got great taste in music. I get blown to that song frequently.

  5. I love this. I like seeing the cast being portrayed in all sorts of different styles. And seeing Mega being depicted as a kid (his canon Fixed A.I. age is 9 years old) makes me quite glad.

    We need more art like this.

  6. Imma be honest. That looks.......weird. :P


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