Friday, December 17, 2010

New DASH 3 Wallpapers And Themes, Aero Voice Talent Event Announced

To commemorate the opening of a new Rockman DASH 3 'game info' hub, Capcom Japan have released a brand new wallpaper! Featuring the gang getting prepped for a winter's day, this is one well suited for the holiday season:

The above theme is available in three sizes, downloadable here. The link also contains a special DASH-themed Twitter background and Kobun profile images.

In related news, the Japanese Devroom announced a new event: Aero Voice Auditions.

Capcom is looking for a voice for the game's new heroine, Aero (Sephira in the West). According to an initial translation, three Japanese voice actresses are trying out for the role, and it's up to the fans to vote on which actress fits the bill. UPDATE: according to a translation provided by The Mega Man Network, the event will run from now until January 11th. Three potential actresses have already been selected for the role, and users will vote based on audio samples.

The voice casting event has yet to be announced by Capcom Unity. More often than not, ADR during localization usually doesn't take place until the Japanese version has been completed, so it might be some time before we see this event on our shores. Update: according to jgonzo of Capcom Unity, this new event is indeed a Japanese exclusive. Joveth says: "While this event will only be for Japan, we have something cooking up to keep Western devroom members busy during the holidays, in addition to event #3."

On a final note, DASH TV, a visual representation of the rocket being built to rescue Rock Volnutt, has been updated! The rocket is now 5% complete and sports some new colors. Check it out here.

More updates soon.


  1. Has Capcom of America said the reason for the name change of the new character? I mean, aside from that previous lie.

  2. Nice. None fit properly, but I'll make do...

  3. What else is new? They've all been japan exclusive so far, it's not like any of the rest of us got any real input.

  4. Just in time. I was only just beginning to get tired of the old wallpaper, now they roll out a new one! Wonder how long it'll be before Capcom Unity gets a hold of this stuff and shares it with us...

  5. @Role:
    lol, I think someone's butthurt ;D

  6. @Anon: I ain't the only one, either. For the last two contests, nothing anyone said outside of japan seemed to have any weight at all - japan always had their say. WHY get us involved at all if it's gonna be like that? It was a total dick move. At least put the top ones up for vote across the globe, and the overall winner wins. Don't just make contests then ignore everything outside of japan.

  7. I think Laura Bailey would fit Aero's voice


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