Monday, December 27, 2010

Archie's Mega Man Comic Gets Equipped With Release Window

A 2011 release has long been touted for Archie Comics' on-going Mega Man comic book series, but that hasn't been all too specific. However, an exact release date is gradually coming into focus, thanks to a new teaser image sent out by the publisher this morning.

Too hard to see? The image, featuring a silhouette of Mega Man's issue 1 cover pose, reveals the comic will go on sale in April, 2011. An the specific day of release isn't know currently, but I assume that tidbit will bubble to the surface closer to April.

For more information on Archie's Mega Man, check out our previous reports:


  1. April? I though the comic was already set to debut in January?

  2. Cool, cool... although it'd be nice to see a pre-order page, too.

  3. Oh god damn it. I'd completely forgotten about this. *sigh* I sincerely hope it flops harder than Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode One did. Harsh words? Perhaps. But Archie is just going [expletive deleted] crazy with their Sonic the Hedgehog crap. I don't want my all-time favorite video game series tainted by stupid stories about time paradoxes and alternate realities. (Rockman World 2/Rockman & Forte: Battle for the Future besides.)

  4. I have never ead Sonic Archie comics, but after hearing Archie Comics is making their own MegaMan comics, I simply jump for joy. XD

  5. So, let me get this straight...

    That super-cool X figure is coming April 2011...

    And THIS... an Archie Mega Man comic book series... is coming in April 2011 as well...

    TWO cool things to look forward to in April!


  6. Joseph Collins: As it stands, I wouldn't worry about anything like that. This is a separate production under a completely separate set of circumstances.

    The games you mentioned aside, you should be safe from any such things.

    Kenichi340: Nope! The last thing said about it, in fact, was actually targeting May, so we're getting it a little earlier than expected.


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