Sunday, December 19, 2010

Auction: Replica Mega Buster

I don't think there's a single fan out there who hasn't dreamed of having their own working Mega Buster. Be honest: how many of you spent your playground days using your winter coat sleeve as a makeshift buster? Well, I know I did...

While we're still far off from a real Mega Buster, this comes pretty close. Currently up for bidding on Ebay is this lovely replica built by an automotive body work technician. The replica is made out of a solid frame of wood and PVC that is so tough, it is said to compare to the structural strength of a speed boat. Topping it all off is a series of LEDs powering a working red-nosed barrel and trademark power strip -- together, that's over 30 volts of DC electricity. Yup, certainly not a toy.

Owning such a high quality creation does come at a price. However, its hefty price tag is fully understandable.  If you can afford it, best of luck to you. If not, you can at least admire the time and effort that went into it.

Full auction here. Thanks for the tip, Mac!


  1. "Be honest: how many of you spent your playground days using your winter coat sleeve as a makeshift buster?"

    Mine was blue and everything. I even jumped like Megaman.

    I got beat up a lot. =[.

  2. Coat sleeves? Smalltime.

    I used a cardboard tube for mine. Which is clearly superior.

  3. I used to punch out the end of styrofoam cups and shove them on my fist. =P

  4. I used to take a paper plate, color it blue, and roll it around my arm

  5. That picture makes it looks like a vase, lol.

  6. Man why does all the awesome stuff have to come out when I DON'T have any money?

  7. I used a large cardboard tube with one of those long lighters as fire fuel inside my blue sleeve and shot fireballs made of kerosene filled balloons from a spring. i got detention for a week and burned my hand pretty badly.


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