Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Operate Shooting Star Translation Patch Update

It's been a while since we last discussed the proposed English translation patch for Rockman EXE Operate Shooting. To recap, a friend of mine has been considering translating OSS into English... only if the idea was met with a largely positive response. The readers have spoken and yes, work has begun on the project but we've hit a bit of a roadblock...

The translator, Rock X has dropped out of the project for the time being due to other, more important personal obligations. As such, the translation patch is on hiatus. He doesn't know for sure when he'll be able to resume, but if things progress smoothly for him, the patch should be complete by late summer of 2011.

Unfortunately, Rock X didn't make much progress before he had to stop, only getting around to ripping the English script from the original MMBN1 (which, in order to save time, would act as the source material for the translation). OSS itself hasn't been touched yet, unfortunately.

In the meantime, Rock X encourages other fans capable of patching the game themselves to not "wait for him." In other words, if you've go the resources to create an English patch of your own, by all means do so. You'll probably have it finished long before his patch.

I will be keeping you posted should things pick up again, however. And if you're working on a patch yourself, contact me and I'll get to "promoting" it.


  1. Crap. Now I've got to wait. I don't care if it was just BN1 ported over with a SF scenario; I'd rather have the actual game over here.

    But this might be as good as any. Still, Capcom could have at least made the game for DSiWare originally.

    As for the haters, don't even start.

  2. Why am I not surprised... -_-

    It's a good thing I can understand the regular JP version, but it's disheartening that so little support is being given to this series. It's like if it's anything SSR-related, it's given shit-treatment automatically.

    It's gotten to the point that making fun of it is totally acceptable, but if anything is said about the others, it's like saying the N word or something else that's highly offensive. >_>

  3. I'm a huge Battle Network fan, but this was hardly worth it in the first place. A translation patch would be neat, but seeing as OSS was a botched attempt at a BN-SF crossover anyway, it certainly isn't necessary. There's hardly any new material in it, anyway.

  4. I know how OSS Text Format works, but the problem is, i don't know Japanese, and i don't know where is the text, except for the last scenario (yay, the "English" text : "saito.bat" helped me).

  5. It's a shame that MMBN:OSS didn't make it to the USA due to its low populiaty and now the english patch for it is somewhat cacneled. But hey, there may be some love for the MegaMan Star Force series like me, well, I'm writing a fanfic about it with crossovers to show my love for the series. I may be a beginner RPG Maker user, but I damn sure know how to make good stories! :)

  6. I also do find it kinda hilarious whenever I'd see comments like "botched port" or "hardly anything new" for this game (EXE OSS), yet a game like Zero Collection was met with praises like crazy when it actually had literally NOTHING new added to the games and was inferior to the original GBA games by far.

    It wasn't just SS Rockman being playable and a scenario being the new content, there was much much more stuff added as well as a lot of little things changed/fixed in the game that EXE1 never had. (For one, you couldn't do the "!!" counters in EXE1, while in this game you can in VS Modes, just to name one thing)

    But, whateve's, no point in me explaining it. It's not like anybody actually listens to anything I say.

    Let alone anybody actually played this game in the first place.

  7. Heh, protodudemoting. Protomoting?

    So is Rock X the only guy on the project? If you can find someone else who knows the structure, there are plenty of translators out there.

    Rockman.exe Online has a few.

    I wanna play this. XD

  8. @Amir:

    Maybe because die-hard GridRPG formula MM fans are rather occasional, and that said formula is very different from the standard Jump-N-Shoot formula.

    The "mayority" of the fanbase, who are pretty much Classic/X/Legends fans, either can't identify the Mega Man character with the GridRPG formula, or despise certain aspects of RPGs in general.

    It's the "accion gamers vs. RPG gamers" scenario. You can't expect less from the MM fanbase.

    Of course, there are fans, like myself, who enjoyed both formulas to an extent and are capable of providing a rather well-thought argument, instead of baseless arguments like "Pokemon Network series suxs olol".

  9. @Amir

    You can't really compare Zero Collection to Operate Shooting Star... OSS was sold as a crossover with EXE and Ryuusei and it didn't do much crossover-wise. While Zero Collection was merely that, a collection of games.

  10. The same with Tanjou, guys, the same with Tanjou. They're waiting for a translator, they're not dead. Sadly it's extremely hard to find a dedicated translator, especially because it's a difficult job and very intense.

  11. Ugh, this shit again. I really thought no one cared enough to even bother translating this cash in of a game but I guess someone has no life.

  12. @HeroManX:

    Just looked over your blog and looked up your email to find your FanFiction.NET page.

    Please tell me you're joking about "being good at writing stories" and you're just trolling, because my eyes want to do something else besides drip tears of blood.


    On Topic: It's a shame that this project is on indefinite hold over issues we're not going to be told.

    It could bring some more players for a game they obviously never played, yet love to bash on.

  13. @Amir:
    I played the first BN game, and although it was good, it's not the best BN game compared to the later ones, which added much more to the series. I only recommend OSS for people that didn't played the game yet or want to play it again.

    Zero Collection was more popular because it's "4" good GBA games in one with the addition of a new mode, the Z3 Mod Cards and some illustrations.

    OSS is only "1" GBA game with the addition of one small extra crossover scenario with 1 new boss, playable SSRockman, 5 new Battle Chips, 2 new PAs, maps (which are VERY useful in this game), a mini-game and other minor changes to graphics and sounds.

    The reason people complain is that Capcom could add much more, like more new (or old) Battle Chips (to compare, BN1 has 176 chips, OSS has 181, and BN2 onward has over 200 chips each), at least 5 new enemies to ClockMan's scenario (like a clock virus or Star Force enemies), a enemy database (or add their names like BN2-6), and other stuff, but they probably thought "It's a crossover! People love crossovers! There is no way it's going to fail! Why add more if it's a freaking awesome crossover!?"
    I think a Battle Network Collection with the first two games, or a OSS + BN2, would sell more...

    Also, the fact it's unplayable in emulators didn't help in its popularity.

  14. The Oblivious PrattlerOctober 27, 2010 at 12:08 PM

    Well, I'm all for it, but if anyone's gonna do this (I don't know how, otherwise I would), please fix the glaring errors in the original script. BN1 was a grammar and translation train wreck. Need I mention "Load Chaud?"

  15. Awww... And for all the haters, why can't you keep your hateful comments to yourself?

  16. Dang. I'd love to help, but I can only read hiragana and katakana. That also doesn't count the fact that I know next to no Japanese and would therefore still be reading in...well, Japanese. If they'd have brought OSS stateside, it would've been my first Rock/Megaman game. Haters be haters, oblivious fans be oblivious fans. I know it was just a slightly upgraded port, but I WANT IT.

  17. @Amir

    Zero collection was four games with a budget title price. OSS launched for full price in Japan. Even assuming Zero Collection was full price it'd have full price/4 for each port where OSS was full price for one port with one extra scenario and a new playable character. Even the DS port of Battle Network 5 added more features with improved music, multiple save file support and what not.

    Also Capcom advertised it early as being a cross over not a glorified port with an extra scenario, so yeah people have the right to be disappointed, if you want to think it's the best thing since sliced bread by all means go right on ahead but don't be surprised when people talk badly of the game.

    On topic with the main discussion, this seems largely pointless, you could just read a summary of the ClockMan section and play the original Battle Network and you wouldn't lose much. I'd sooner have a translation of 4.5.

  18. @Anon who replied to me.

    I was joking. I don't know if my stories are that good. I'm sorry I said that. Are you an fanfic writer as well?

  19. For god`s sake, stop being so lazyass and go play BN1. it`s the same thing >_>.

  20. @Geez

    I agree. I played BN1 and it was fun.

    *Sigh* I wish the remake with Star Force MegaMan will come to USA, but it won't. Let's hope Capcom makes an updated version of it someday.

  21. ...So translating is being lazyass?

  22. I'm still feeling pretty burnt by Capcom for having a "new EXE game" be announced. Got my hopes up for nothing. Grr.

  23. Look what i did just now :

  24. Protodude, you can talk about that translation i'm doing, but please also say that it's possible that i'm maybe not finish it. I have other projects, with BS-X Project, which it's possible that i do Rockman-related things with it.

  25. Good to hear, LuigiBlood. Would you mind contacting me at rockman20xx@yahoo.com? If it's not too much trouble, do you think you can discuss with me a few specifics on your project? Thanks.

  26. Good to hear, LuigiBlood. Would you mind contacting me at rockman20xx@yahoo.com? If it's not too much trouble, do you think you can discuss with me a few specifics on your project? Thanks.

  27. I dont care if OSS is a remake of bn 1 i would have bought it for the sf rockman and online sux it never made it to the usa

  28. Hey I know it has been a few months since anything was posted on here and I was just wondering if there was any news on it: Cancelled? Still on hold? Someone else doing one? I would really appreciate some kind of answer. Trust me everyone if I could read/knew Japanese I would have had this done by now just because I don't do anything really lol. I just got done replaying BN1 about 30 mins ago and would really love to play it with the extra stuff. I love EVERY Megaman game and format that have come out (and even though I know this won't make a difference) haters please go hate on something, somewhere else.


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