Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mega Man Legends 3 Kitabayashi Video Interview

A rather insightful interview with Mega Man Legends 3 producer Tatsuya Kitabayashi has surfaced, filmed at Comic Con last weekend and streamed live over Ustream. I'm very glad Capcom saved these because it brings up a lot of interesting tidbits about the game that really haven't been touched upon before.

Because both video interviews are roughly thirty minutes in length, I figured I'd just pull out the most noteworthy tidbits in case you don't feel like sitting through the whole thing. Click here to watch, or read up on the details below:

  •  Capcom is well aware of the demand for the original voice cast to return, namely Rob Smith (Teisel Bonne). They want to involve these voice actors in some way but will be revealing more details about this soon.
  • The game's story is still in development; nothing is set in stone. However, Kitabayashi did confirm  the game will continue after the events of Legends 2; he promises we won't be left hanging. On a related note, Capcom is considering having fans that are writers come up with "episodes" for the game. (Episodes? First time we've heard about that...)
  • Kitabayashi couldn't talk about how big of a role the new heroine will have but alluded that she's just as important as Roll and Tron.
  • Why Legends 3 on the Nintendo 3DS and not a home console? Simply put, Capcom thought the title would work well with the system's various elements. That and apparently the 3DS is fairly easy to develop for, according to Kitabayashi.
  •  The game will utilize the 3DS touch screen; wouldn't divulge how it would be used. Bear in mind, the touch screen does not support 3D.
  • L3 will retain a lot of familiar gameplay elements from its prequels, but because games have progressed so much in the last ten years, expect to see some advancements.
  •  Monster Hunter staff members will be lending a hand in L3's development; as such, don't be surprised to see some MH flare thrown into the gameplay.
  • The character designs have improved since ten years ago, but they're still the same characters you all know and love. Capcom will actually be releasing images of the cast very soon.
  • Yes, Tron and the Servbots are back.  Kitabayashi (jokingly) said there might be more Servbots this time around...
  •  Kitabayashi will look into getting Mega Man Legends 1 and Legends 2 on the North American PlayStation Store. It's unlikely Mega Man 64 will make it to the Virtual Console, however.

Pretty interesting stuff, if you ask me. Hopefully, more L3 details to come... the sooner the better!


  1. Gimme Rob Smith and they can replace the rest of the cast for all I care.

  2. Monster Hunter Style Digging!

  3. (Waves arm frantically) I'd love to help write the game's story. Where do I sign up?

  4. Correction: 'Episodes' was used for the Dash 2 Demo "Episode 1: Rescue Roll", and for the actual game "Dash 2 Episode 2: Great Inheritance".

  5. Honestly, that tidbit about Lilly or whatever her name is going to be is what's been worrying me. If she lends herself well to the story and doesn't feel like an ultimately useless tagalong (see: Recent Sonic Games), sure. Whatever, that's fine. But the last thing I want is for the MegaMan/Roll/Tron love triangle to become a

  6. Nice recap about the development of L3. It covered most interrogants the fans have right now...

    But that didn't answer the most important questions I have about L3:

    Who's gonna compose dem tunes?

    Will we see the Gesselschaft soaring the skies once again?

    And for the love of God and all that is mighty: if Roll sells all of my equiptment, can I hit her with a shovel this time? D:

  7. It'll be strange if they're trying to get people into Legends through PSN when Legends 3 will be on the 3DS. I think it'd be in Nintendo's interest to rerelease Mega Man 64, despite the somewhat strange title, but Nintedo has been very passive about Virtual Console.

  8. Very, very worried about the "fan writers" part. Hopefully they wont go down that path. We want the story as the creators envisioned it. At this rate, it'll be more like a fan game rather than a game made with a little input from the fans. If they want elements and ideas, which they do, thats fine, but writing entire "episodes"? I am also concerned about how things will have evolved over the ten years comment. Of course they have, but I wish they would simply develope the game as if the end of 2 is fresh in their minds and they started right into 3. Hopefully things wont change to drastically over the decade hiatus, is what I mean. Hmm...

  9. Why are they even thinking of letting the fans write the plot? No, Capcom. Please, don't. =(

    I have mixed feelings about the rest of it. I just don't know.

  10. Episodes.. Makes me think of downloadable games.. 3DS Ware..? That IS cheaper to produce than cartridge-games, right..? And considering Inafune also said that Legends didn't bring up a lot of money.. I hope I'm totally in the wrong here. (For some reason. I never really played legends, but I would want this game to be a cartridge-worthy experience =o)

  11. Well, I think it's great to see the fans help out in making Legends 3. It will be awesome.

  12. I wonder if Volnutt can handle a rampaging Tigrex or Rath?

  13. If the game is not on a cartridge and split up downloadably, I will be extremely dissatisfied. Sonic 4 wasnt that amazing at all, really. Too short too, and they ask $15 for it? I want the entire game, in a cartridge, in it's entirely, enough said. =(

  14. LEAVE IT ON HOME CONSOLE! I wouldn't see the point in restarting on a new system, Sony should remain in charge of L3, it shouldn't be left in the hands of Nintendo.

  15. Is the Rob Smith who voiced Teisel the same one who played the crazy Scotsman in the Alexander Keith beer ads in Canada? You know, the guy who went to prison for kiddie porn possession?

    I'm not sure how he'd be able to return; he was convicted in August '08, and even though his 20 months in jail are up, I'd assume he'd be de facto blacklisted now...

  16. Whoa, really? Source on that Jeff?

  17. OK, here goes:

    Original arrest/charge:


    This says the arrested actor appeared in Pushing Tin and Cinderella Man:

    This, from before that incident, is obviously talking about that same Robert Smith, because it mentions Pushing Tin. It also mentions Chicago, for which our Rob Smith is listed on IMDB:

    I can find nothing mentioning MML, but since the voices for MML were recorded in Toronto, and this Robert Smith worked in Toronto, I'm assuming it's the same guy.

    Watch this Alexander Keith's ad where he played the Scotsman - does anybody think it sounds like the same guy who voiced Teisel?

    I have no way to prove if I'm wrong on this. The fact that this Smith did do voices on Canadian children's cartoons, like many of the other MML voices, makes me think it is indeed the same person.

    I'm just calling it as I see it. If it is the same Rob Smith, and Capcom is willing to hire him back, good for them.

  18. And if it's *not* the same Rob Smith, I'll fix the names on IMDB.

    I wish there was a way to solve this mystery...


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