Thursday, October 7, 2010

Custom 'Mega Arm' Model Is All Kinds Of Awesome

It was only a matter of time before fans began customizing the newly released Kotobukiya Rockman model to their liking. Case in point, this ridiculously awesome "Mega Arm" (aka Rock Arm) modification by romlus:

Additional parts intended for a Mazinger Z model were used to create this clever custom, a nod to the weapon of the same name from Game Boy Mega Man V (Rockman World 5) that, when charged, turns Mega Man's fist into a makeshift projectile.

It goes without saying, this is just pure win. Can't wait to see what other kind of zany mods await us!

Source: FG (thanks, Jimb0!)


  1. Wow that is pretty awesome! I wanna try something like that with my kit. I haven't even put it together yet! I wonder if "Wire" Rockman is possible to make...

  2. WHOAH...this is so darn cool!!!

  3. LMAOOO this is epic!! I want my Rockman to do that too!

    I'll probably end up doing some funny stuff with him anyways....when he gets here from japan.

  4. wow, so pathetic. Can't even credit romlus for the idea and the creation of said pictures you posted.

    And it's the Mazinger Z weapon set you can buy separate for the Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger collector's toy, not a "model kit's spare parts".

    And the tropes origin is called the Rocket Punch, not Rock Arm or Mega Arm or whatever you try to claim it as.

    God, Give proper credit when it's due and at least admit it when you are filling out "facts" with assumptions when you do your posts,..

  5. hmm. when i first seen the pics, i thought it was supposed to be the hard knuckle from MM3. you really can't tell allot of difference actualy. except in MM3, mega man turns darker blue and gray. TBH, he could probably just get another one, use this mod on it, and give him hard knuckle colors, and call it that.

  6. Second Anon:

    Whoaaaaaaaa, you mad?

    Sheesh, sorry, man. You could be a bit nicer about pointing out errors, yeah? Everyone makes mistakes; that's why they put erasers on pencils.

  7. Holy shit, what crawled up your ass anon? Who cares if he didnt do those things, you weeaboo. Not everyone can read Japanese.

    And IT IS the Mega Arm. The CREATOR got this wrong, not Proto.

  8. @October 7, 2010 5:22 AM Anon:

    Pfft, you're all pathetic. EVERYONE knows it's called Hard Knuckle, not "Meguh Amr" or "RocknArm".


    Get out ¬¬.

  9. Second of all, dont blame PD. I provided him with this info. I'm at fault.

  10. Who cares what it's called, he's shooting his g.d. FISTS at his enemies. Awesome any way you spin it.

  11. @Anon

    Elitists jerks FTW! He is srs business PD. You better not make another mistake again or you'll get another lashing. Didn't you know all humans are suppose to be perfect and not make mistakes?

  12. Who cares? Can't we all agree to disagree? The kit is awesome. 'Nuff said. Quit trying to be the ultimate pseudo intellectual know-it-all fan by proving people wrong just to be mean. We all like Mega Man. Isn't that enough? Seriously, what does a stupid mean comment prove? It just makes you look like a douchebag, that's what.

    Protodude thanks for making such an awesome blog and keeping up to date on all the new goodies.

  13. I agree that a little fact checking ought to be done (rather than relying entirely on a source), but no need to get that upset about it, it's a user mod, not like it's some detrimental information that will forever change your life....

  14. @Anon 2 -

    STFU, troll. Seriously, you sound like a fucking dumbass. Trust me, commenting again will just make you look worse.

  15. Devilus the_devilus@hotmail.comOctober 7, 2010 at 2:34 PM

    Im gonna jump over all the arguing and maby say someone that maby has been metiond inbetween. if you look at the box the arm that is pictured seems to look like the arm of Bass. He did also have this weapon in mm7 when he and trele stole the enhancement for megaman. think the weopon is better suited for that armor upgrade i gotta say, but still they're making new figures, wich is good!

  16. That looks very official. Very clever, I must admit.

    @Shin Star

    Perhaps the Wire could be created with a particular Doc Ock arm from a suitable figure? =D

    @2nd Anon

    I am positive it's Mega Arm. Rocket Punch sounds so very generic (no doubt used in many a classic mecha) and I have no idea where you got it from or why it matters. Simmer down, yo. Lol, you're probably romlus, arent you? =P

  17. Also, it looks like a particularly simple mod. I might try it one day...that is...when I have the extra scratch. =P

  18. Wow, anon 2 is a loser. Who cares, man. Why you mad, bro? It's just a toy.

  19. @PD
    Kudos for the fix. And I apologize for piling on there and being a dick about it. And yes, "was mad".

    This was more about giving proper credit where credit is due. The Poor Japanese guy at least deserves his name thrown out there and his whatever web presence linked if you are going to plug his stuff onto your site and get some eyeballs.

    Seeing that while in a bad mood set me off. Then I got anal retentive about every little detail on the thing and snowballed it. Advice was solid, but I was being a dick about it. Again, I apologize.

    Oh, and rocket punch is the "TROPE NAME" name, named after the attack Mazinger Z uses. Rockman's version is in fact (as you said) called "Rock Arm" (or Mega Arm for the Mega Man crowd). My comment was towards the mix up in this statement: "a nod to the weapon of the same name from " of which Rock arm is not the name of the trope. Just thought that should be cleared up.

    yeah, looks easy to do, and pretty cheap actually as mods go. Just buy this: or where ever you can find said product, and it's as simple as fiddling with smoke trail and a little putty for the one of the attachment points. that's what the site says anyways,..

    @Paul and others who got all overtly defensive or dismissive

    Take a lesson from Hypercoyote on this one. Don't be blindly dismissive just because something is negative criticism. You will never learn that way.

    And, being a dick and being a troll are very different things. Don't confuse the two. You can still learn from this dick that you should always credit people and admit when your a speculating. Even when I'm being,..well a dick about it.

    Trolls just toss stuff up for the sole purpose of starting conflict. Nothing constructive comes directly out of a troll,...unless say just trolling other trolls maybe?

    Also, don't give dumb advice like "It doesn't matter" Of course YOU don't care, that's because YOU are an inconsiderate prick when it comes to crediting other people's work. PD has no problem understanding this, why don't you?

    ...and yes,...I'm being a dick again.


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