Sunday, October 31, 2010

Punish Servbots On-The-Go In New Mobile Game

Starting today, mobile phone savvy Rockman fans in Japan can get equipped with an all new Servbot centric mini-game entitled "Punish Kobun."

It's a fairly basic game: players control a Servbot as they attempt to avoid a barrage of falling weights while running along a conveyor belt. Move too slow and you'll either end up squashed or pierced by spikes! Once your life depletes to zero, it's game over.

Punish Kobun will run you a cheap 315 Yen (or roughly $3.74 US) and is only available through phones subscribed to SoftBank, Au or Docomo providers. If you happen to have the means of obtaining the game, we'd love to see some footage of this one in action.

Update: Apparently, this is actually a remake/re-release of a title from 2002 of the same name.

Source: Punish Kobun Official website


  1. This is actually a re-port of a game released a while back.

  2. The way Tron treats her minions can give Dr. Robotnik a run for his money.

  3. Man, Japan has all the fun. I wish we could get these sorts of things as mini-games in some way, as part of Legends 3 or something.

  4. Full Inafune interview from 4Gamers translated on neogaf. My source was joystiq,thought you might like to know Protodude.


    Run, little Servbot, run! > : D


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