Friday, October 1, 2010

Will Legends 3 Utilize MT Framework?

Mega Man Legends is often cited as the source of inspiration for Capcom's MT Framework game engine, built for not only the then upcoming Dead Rising and Lost Planet, but also a hypothetical Mega Man Legends 3 (this was back in '07, remember). However, with the third entry of the series now a reality and landing on the portable Nintendo 3DS, will the game still run on MT Framework? The very engine designed with MML in mind?

According to reports from a couple weeks back, Capcom is indeed adapting the MT Framework technology for the Nintendo 3DS. Resident Evil Revelations and Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition will be making full use of the engine, dubbed "MT Frmework Mobile."  MTF Mobile is said to be based around the more recent MT framework 2.0 engine, while the graphics will be specially tuned for the 3DS. The mobile version's capabilities were recently demonstrated in a series of RE Revelations screenshots, showing off the engine's numerous graphical capabilities such as depth of field and dynamic HDR lighting. It's all quite impressive tech, to say the least.

In short, Mega Man Legends 3 could very much be making use of MT Framework, at long last, despite the game being developed on a portable console. MT Framework or not, I'm very curious to see what MML3 actually looks like. Hopefully, next week's Comic Con will deliver!

Source: Andriasang


  1. I surely hope it does use the MT FrameWork. Both SSF4 and Resident Evil look fantastic, especially in motion. The few RE Reveletions seconds shown so far look absolutely gorgeous.

    Now, I want this game to take a long time to come out. I want it only when its perfect. We've waited 10 years, we can wait a bit longer.

  2. The engine is actually my framework 5, not 2.

  3. No such thing as MT5, anon.

  4. MT Framework is the only method they could possibly use in this situation. The very thing that inspired it should make use of it. Aside form the use of the engine, I really hope they retain EVERYTHING that series yielded in the previous two titles. The same art style, gameplay (with new, interesting things very welcomed), model/design style, music (please use some more classical pieces!), sound effects, etc. Two things I CANNOT stress and hope for enough is 1: The very same voice actors and 2: The incredibly spooky, dark ambient music of the ruins. Teh audio has a whole made my Legends experience that much more enjoyable. The games are a major part of my past and I would like to feel the intense joy and wonder in the future with MegaMan Legends 3...damn, it feel so WEIRD to say that!

  5. I for one hope for the it to use the MT Framework, thus indicating a slight possibility of multiplatform.
    I mean, this is not a newcomer-griendly game, it has an very advanced story and Requires almost all of the dualshock buttons (I'm playing right now the psp versions and they feel uncomplete). Now, try to figure out a control scheme with the 3ds? either will be a shock with the people expecting this game, because it will play badly or it will have a very dumbed down gameplay style, focused on aiming but reduced on maneuvering

  6. It could control just like Metroid Prime Hunters, Rockmace.

    That control scheme was rather easy to use albeit a little clumsy at times.

  7. Megaman 64 was fine. Controls on the 3DS will be fine.

    @MegaMac: Agree on all counts as long as the voice actor for Megaman is the one from the first one. If it's the one from the second one, I will not buy this game. I will not.

  8. Except that Metroid is
    1)not focused on maneuvering, and
    2)not an aventure game, is an adaptation of a fps.

    Even if the touch is used as an aiming crosshair, how will you both the buster and the homing missile, while moving ans jumping?

  9. >Metroid
    >Not Adventure

    Either you're:

    A. A troll
    B. You've never played a Metroid game
    or C. You have no idea what an adventure game is

  10. @Rockmace:

    L & R buttons to look left or right.

    Directional pad to look left, right, up or down (if you're facing the screen, pressing down or up would automatically fix the camera).

    Slide pad to move in a 360-degree environment.

    B to jump, Y to shoot the MegaBuster/kick, A to shoot the Special Weapon (that includes the Lifter) & X to lock on to a target (press once to activate, L & R to switch between targets, press X again to deactivate) .

    The B/A/Y/X button scheme could be changed betweem the MML2 Style (taking the PSX button configuration in mind) and a New Style (taking the A=jump/B=shoot traditional Nintendo button configuration in mind)

    The touchpad could be used as some sort of free aim.

    There. Now you can run in circles, jump and shoot.

    WHICH raises the question: will Capcom get rid of the "running in circles" battle strategy? It's been making us dizzy for the last 10 years XD.

  11. Just to add on my last comment, since the Slide pad allows for 360-degree movement, Capcom could just probably forget about the "use this button to move the camera this way" deal and just use a fixed camera position that will always stay behind Trigger's back no matter what (think Dead Rising, a game who's engine was supposedly created for a then-hypothetical Legends 3). That way, they have 2 buttons left to add whatever junk they'd like to add.

    Agreed with October 3, 2010 4:09 PM Anon. It's fucking 2010, they can't make the same crappy PSX engine the only way to play this game and get away with it. You heard the man: he wants this game to sell like hot cakes.

  12. Oh, and I'm sorry if I'm talking a bit too much, but I just have to say this:

    Protodude, that Pic of the Week is soooooooo cuuutee ^o^

  13. yes, I failed at the specifics.
    They both are exploration, but from the small amount of metroid games I've played, Samus has specific acrobatic routines, while Trigger has no special way to do.
    To avoid Ridley atacks, you have to do the exact same pattern that your neighbor and mine do. To avoid Theodore Bruno attacks, you can either cover or roll or jump.
    Metroid is not an rpg adventure, is a FPS adventure. Or, using falsacionism, would you say Metroid games are similar to Legends games? obviously not.

  14. Yes, my big mistake is that I am thinking in the old gameplay style.
    What this game needs is "Re4-izing", seeing the limited button input; since movementt with the stick and maneuvers with the buttons are already covered. either rotating or lateral displacement can be sacrificed. After all, RE and Parasite Eve got away with it.
    Also, this could get rid of the above mentioned "circle the enemy shooting 'till its dead". Tank controls don't allow for that.
    Anyway, yes, there's some trollish whiining in my comments, I will buy it anyway , sorry for the above rudeness


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