Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NYCC Mega Man Legends 3 Panel

We saw only a portion of this the other day but thanks to the Capcom Unity crew, here's a video recap of the Mega Man Legends 3 Comic Con panel in its entirety. Well worth a watch if you've got thirteen minutes to kill:

Yup, you heard right: Legends 3 will be the last in the series. Time to go all out and make this game awesome. Let's just hope this won't be Inafune's final hurrah with Capcom, either. (Click for story)

Edit: On second thought, maybe not. Read it carefully: "If you guys do not help us build that rocket we are never going to go to that planet to save Mega Man. That will be the last chapter in the Mega Man Legends series."

"THAT", I believe, refers to Mega Man being stuck on Elysium -- if we don't help, that (i.e MML2's ending) would be the last event in the series. At least, that's what I'm getting at.

Hop on over to Capcom Unity for more Legends 3 goodness!


  1. Whoa. He says this is the last game in the series. (about a minute from the end) I... I don't know what to say. I'm sad, but I'm also kind of happy.

  2. Guess this confirms that Legends 3 will be the last one, which is fine.

    I mean, Dash 2 did clear up a lot of things on its own.

  3. What a great panel. Although Inafune should never say it's the last game. What if it sells extraordinarily well? Capcom will see dollar signs! =P

    Then again, I wouldnt want Legends to be milked. It's too delicate for that. Although I wish it was created for a home console. MegaMan needs his next gen installment already! Of course, this is the closest thing, in fact, it may definitely be the next gen installment due to the 3DS' amazing capabilities. I am definitely con complaining either way.

  4. Hmmyeah, okay. I'd wanna help, but I don't live in the US, and I don't speak japanese, so it's a no-no for me.

  5. Dr. Jerk:

    I think that was in relation to the prior statement; in other words, IF we don't help with MML3, MML2 will be the last in the series.

  6. @MM Model Q

    That's what I think on a early post! I'm sad that Legends 3 will be the final one in the series, but at least it will go out with a bang once it comes out!

  7. @MM Model Q

    That's what I think on a early post! I'm sad that Legends 3 will be the final one in the series, but at least it will go out with a bang once it comes out!

  8. The last in the main story, but there is always place for remakes, collections and spin-offs. Imagine a game where you play as Trigger and ends with his fight against Sera, or one you play as Barrell and Bluecher during their Digger days?

    Looks like MML3 is going to be epic! Domo arigato Inafune-san!

    Also, we would not mind seeing that early version Inafking played after the game's release. :)

  9. @HeroManX I totally agree. As much as I'd love to see more Legends, a great ending would be an awesome way to bring the long, long wait to a close.

  10. And what if the series sells beyond this fan-section response would indicate?

    Get fan input, but don't threaten or otherwise bloody act unprofessionally in the course of carrying and nurturing an IP, which is exactly what they've done with ZX, and now Legends.

    If Mega Man doesn't seem as iconic or seem to sell as well as other IP's like Mario and Sonic, that's because they're trying too hard. Battle Network caught on, Starforce did not catch on. Zero caught on somewhat, ZX did not. There are too many series, too much of an attempt to 'modernize' and appeal to kids. Both Starforce and ZX used this same element of 'kids using gear to transform' into, basically, Mega Man. Problem is, transforming (or personal interactivity) does not sell a series to young buyers; image does. And Mega Man's best image is:

    'An old platformer from the '80's that had some mediocre-to-good spinoff series.'

    Mario and Sonic did not 'spinoff'. They stayed in their same lore, same villains, threw in some variations on the gameplay, it worked well.
    So did Mega Man.
    In the '80's and '90's.
    Since then, spinoffs subtracted from the original 'icon'. I love Mega Man X (prefer it actually) and EXE, which was a proper attempt to 'modernize' the series since it worked off the same characterization as Classic while executing solidly in a new gameplay genre.

    Then, with Mega Man 9 and 10, suddenly the sales are back, and the execs are scratching their heads as if to say 'How the heck?'
    ---Because of image.---

    Image sells the game. New IPs have it rough, unless the execution and fun are AAA, as was the case with Sonic, Mario, and Mega Man Classic, and thus they sell. Image.

    So, I don't mind when, even if the toys and figures I see in Toys R Us and the games coming out seem a little wacky (Mega Man Universe), I don't mind.

    Know why?
    Because somebody at Capcom woke up and started a healthy and rightful marketing campaign and devoted development resources not to spinoffs, but the main series with an image.

    This is simply the progression of an IP, and does not discourage innovation.
    If you want to dabble in a new gameplay genre, either wait a generation or two before spinning off and execute well (Battle Network), or, far preferrably, start a brand new IP.

  11. This is off topic, but I the 8 Bit death match doom mod is out.

  12. I tried to figure something of a respons for HyperSonicEXE's point about Rockman series image and whatnot.

    And still I don't believe that it was solely "image" that made so-called "spin offs" (even though they are full-fledged games in their own right) fail. Sure, we do have to give the credit to rampant nostalgia that made Rockman 9 and then 10 happen and succeed, but really, wouldn't that only apply to gamers that know the franchise for a long time? Aren't there younger gamers who might have had no idea about Rockman before Battle Network came out? Before Star Force came out? Before ZX came out?

    This does seem to be the case that the least successful Rockman series are those that have not that much to do with 80s Rockman. But did Zero not really catch? It did. Battle Network, oh boy, was it popular. Legends on other hand, not so much. It's not as simple as Rockman and X versus everything else. It's Rockman and X versus Battle Network and Zero versus Legends, SF and ZX.

    I wouldn't attribute the failure of the latter solely to them not being Rockman enough. When something like this happens, it's usually because people weren't taught to recognize the game for what it is. By the producing company, of course. There might be enough popularity to sell a NES-like game with minimum advertisments, but for a new game, and yes, I believe they should have treated every new Rockman series as a complete stand-alone in marketing, they have had to put an extra effort into making people aware of what their new games really are.

    Which is a shame. I never had any problems with accepting EXE, ZX, Ryuusei or DASH as Rockman series, because they are all good games. It saddens me that Capcom went easy way because they don't know how to convince people to believe in other... should I say, Rockmen. I don't want another map pack for a 20 year old game.

  13. So, Mega Man Legends 3 is going to be the last game in the series, huh? How ironic... To bring a series back from a ten-year hiatus, only to discontinue it again right afterwards. That's exactly what people wanted them to do with Mega Man 9, when they were expecting a bridge to the X series.

  14. I think people are looking at this too close to surface value.

    I think what he's saying, is that if we don't help him, it will be the final game, I'm sure if it sells well, then there will be a sequel.

    Really, I don't think this will be the last game if we all play our cards right.

  15. @HyperSonicEXE

    I totally agree with you. ZX and Star Force need more love people! ZX needs a ZX 3, we want to know what happens next!

  16. @HyperSonicEXE

    I... I liked ZX's gameplay and story... and I think I'm not alone.
    I mean, yeah, ZX Advent wasn't particularly the same as ZX, thus explaining the low sales, but I friggin' loved the first one.

    As for Legends 3, if it's the last game of the series, that means it's the epitome of all the MegaMan canon - IF we consider the Legends series as canon of the main storyline. Storywise, thus, it isn't an easy job. We and Inafune must do our best if we care for a proper storyline at all.

  17. I just hope Legends 3 is a satisfying conclusion to the series while still leaving it open-ended for more games. It would be really stupid if Inafune decided to end Legends 3 on ANOTHER cliffhanger, then the game sells poorly and we have Legends 2 all over again.

  18. At least Star Force got a good ending. ZXA needs a sequel because of the cliffhanger, just like MML2 is getting now.

  19. @Anon from 10/14

    Yeah, even though I never beaten 3 yet, I heard rumors about Capcom making a SF 4. But Capcom said thta Star Force 3 will be the climax to the Star Force series. Also, I think Capcom may have canceled Star Force 4. So basically, Star Force 3 may be the last in the Star Force series. Or maybe not.


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